5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By Ryan Robb

The staff at Russon Brothers Syracuse were so good at making a difficult time go smoothly. They were so professional, so helpful, and knew just the right things to do and say. They helped us design a very unique grave marker that included my moms handwriting. I’m very grateful for Russon Brothers and would 💯 recommend them.

5 on Google, 7/24/2020
By Sherry McBride

Our family experienced professional and personal care from everyone we met from Russon Mortuary. Meticulous attention and personal sensitivity to each and every action was taken by them from our first meeting in my home to our last thank you. We could not have asked for anything more at this difficult time.

5 on Google, 7/22/2020
By De Mar Riley

We worked with Matt and found him very conscientious and attentive. All of our expectations were met. Thank you for your service!

5 on Google, 7/21/2020
By Gabe Collier

We cannot say enough amazing things about Russon Mortuary. We will never be able to express how grateful we are for them and their services. When we started to look for mortuaries, the only thing that we were searching for was someone to take good care of my husband and someone to be kind to our family while we were grieving. They exceeded our expectations from the very first phone call. Lynette was absolutely amazing on the phone and got me in touch with the right people. The men who came out to our house when my husband passed away were so kind and respectful. They explained everything to my young kids and let us help wherever we felt comfortable. We met Shannon (our Funeral Director) the day after my husband passed away and he immediately became family to us. There was so much love and kindness. He explained everything to us and helped us make decisions that were right for us. He was available day and night and set up all our appointments for us including with the cemetery. He has continued to call and check on us to make sure we are okay and don't have any further questions. The mortuary (Farmington) itself is gorgeous and we were able to have a beautiful viewing with all our friends and family. The day of our services, they streamed the services for all those who were unable to attend due to location and/or covid. Throughout the entire process, we were never rushed and we could spend as much time with my husband as we wanted/needed. No one ever wants to do a funeral for a loved one, but Russon Mortuary will take the very best care of you. I pray to not go back anytime soon, but when I do, I will go back to Russon's in a heartbeat.

5 on Google, 7/13/2020
By Peter Christensen

The Russon brothers are incredible. We worked with Matt Russon and couldn’t be happier with his service, and how he took care of us, and our little boy. We needed to transport our son home to Utah, and Matt worked hard, including on his days off, to make calls and get information on our behalf to works things out to get our son home. He went the extra mile to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Once our boy arrived in Utah, it was extremely comforting knowing the Russon’s had him in their care. I had many, many questions, and Matt was accessible, professional, and patient. We always felt like we were the most important thing to him anytime we spoke to him. He has a gift for caring for those who are mourning, while at the same time taking care of what needs to be done.  I have no doubt the all of the Russons have the same ability. We would highly recommend Russon Mortuary and Crematorium to anyone. They are ours, and our extended families choice to take care of our loved ones.

5 on Google, 7/13/2020
By Reed Farnsworth

Matt, Tyler and Todd did an amazing job taking care of our family during our difficult time. Time and time again our family was impressed with Matt’s and the whole team’s ability to strike the right balance of respect, reverence, tenderness, sympathy, comfort and love throughout the process. They patiently took us by the hand and guided us through everything, walking us through at our pace. I can’t imaging going through that with anyone but Matt and the Russon Brothers team. Thank you, Matt, Todd and Tyler, and team, our family will be forever grateful for your love and in making sure we took care of Dad as he wished.

5 on Google, 7/5/2020
By B3 Staffing

David and Madison were so helpful and accommodating-our whole family has been so impressed with the service we received. This is our second time using Russon Brothers in the last six months. Thank you so much for making everything so nice. The facility is beautiful and David went above and beyond.

5 on Google, 6/27/2020
By Derek Bennett

A long time, home town mortuary that has treated our family with the utmost respect. Very professional and do a wonderful job of taking care of your loved ones lost. Nothing but the best of care and compassion was 💯 shown. Thank you so much for preparing Troy for an open casket as you did and my mother looked absolutely beautiful! Amazing people are the Russon family, great people! This will end up being my last stop in life as well. Nothing but love and care in this building ❤️.

5 on Google, 6/20/2020
By Rebecca Barnes

Russon Mortuary were the kindest, most professional people ever. They worked around the clock to get my sweet nephew from Maine home to Utah. It was quite the process, due to the state of Maine, and they were always available for my brother in law and sister to reach out to during that time assuring them their little one was being cared for. They were very considerate in my family’s sensitive mourning and gave ample time for my siblings to be with their precious son prior to his burial. It was all the seemingly “little” things that meant the world to my family. Russon Mortuary truly has a place in our hearts and we thank them profusely for their care, love and deep respect for our sweet Jameson and his dear parents. Thank you again Matt and crew. We pray it’s a long time before we need your services ever again, but we are assured that we’ll be taken care of. You truly are one in a million!

5 on Google, 6/7/2020
By Sandra Lopez

5 on Google, 6/6/2020
By Alan Lulu Ostler

Russon Brothers did an awesome job with our Dad’s viewing and graveside service. It was tough doing everything with all the restrictions during Covid 19, but we were able to do all that we could with the help of Russon Brothers Mortuary in Farmington.

5 on Google, 5/30/2020
By Becky Hinze

We were very impressed with Russon Mortuary in Syracuse. It is a beautiful facility & the staff are extremely helpful and professional. Thank you to David & Madison & all the others who helped us honor our beloved sister. We appreciate you all going above and beyond to make this a special memorial of our loved one. Highly recommend!

5 on Google, 4/3/2020
By Claudine Cable

5 on Google, 3/9/2020
By Brady Birt

We had an unexpected death in the family and contacted a few Mortuaries in the area, we ended up going with Russon Brothers because of their professionalism and their genuine caring for our family. Matt and his team took away much of the stress that comes with a moment like this and helped us through this difficult process. We had an amazing experience and would recommend them as they made us feel like family.

5 on Google, 1/31/2020
By Brian and Brittany Stratford

We were very thankful for the care and the watchfulness over us through the entire process of losing our loved one. Everyone was kind, helpful, and respectful. Things were orderly and well taken care of. We have and will continue to recommend using Russon Mortuary in the future. Our extended family, not from this area also commented on how wonderful everything went. Thanks to all there for their help!

5 on Google, 1/29/2020
By Brandy Larson

Thank you Matt and staff for making it easier to make the hardest decisions of my life. I never felt uncomfortable or misled. I was able to give my husband a beautiful funeral at your gorgeous facility and am so grateful for you guys!

5 on Google, 1/24/2020
By Scott Moxon

I could not have asked for a more professional, understanding, and kind group of people to help us in this trying time. Scott and Matt Russon went above and beyond what they needed to do in order to help my family heal from my brothers passing. Thank you so much!

5 on Google, 1/23/2020
By Jenn Moxon

Words cannot express how grateful we are to the directors and staff who cared for our son. Their meticulous professional and expertise helped us through this very difficult time.

5 on Google, 1/12/2020
By Justin Headley

I've attended several funerals at Russon Brothers over the years and they have always made me and my family feel welcome and comfortable. I recently visited the Syracuse facility and was very impressed with the private rooms/spaces created for family members to plan, prepare, and mourn the passing of a loved one. I've attended a couple sudden funerals recently at their Farmington location surrounding the deaths of a child, plus a dear friend that took his own life. I was extremely impressed with how both bodies were prepared, plus final make-up looked quite natural, so family could enjoy these final moments with their loved ones. I would strongly recommend using Russon Brothers and even though no one enjoys going to (or planning) funerals, these guys always find the perfect balance of professionalism, love, and empathy.

5 on Google, 1/10/2020
By Alishea Miller

It is never easy to lose a loved one. Russon Mortuary and Crematory in Farmington was so helpful and caring with my mother. They left me in peace knowing she was being taken care of so respectfully.

5 on Google, 1/8/2020
By Elaine Runyan

We love the service Russon Bros. offered our family. Everything was very orderly. Eric Moyes was our mortician and we follow him wherever he goes. He is the best. Thank you so much Eric. Many of my friends and family use him also.

5 on Google, 1/7/2020
By Alesha Gurney

So grateful for the care and support Russon Mortuary gave with the loss of our Father, Grand- Father and husband. They were patient taking care of all the details so we could grieve as a family. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

5 on Google, 1/6/2020
By Shah Brionez

Sadly over the years our family has used Russon for funerals of loved ones. Very professional, caring and just good people.

5 on Google, 1/5/2020
By Rulon Cushing

5 on Google, 11/29/2019
By Kristin Woods

5 on Google, 11/29/2019
By Joseph Woods

The new Syracuse building is very nice and the people are very kind and helpful.

5 on Google, 11/29/2019
By Joshua Kay

5 on Google, 11/27/2019
By Zoe Jane

5 on Google, 11/27/2019
By Christine Childs

In a moment of complete heartbreak, our funeral director Eric, gave us the gift of peace as we buried a beloved family member. I will always be eternally grateful for the moments we had with Eric, as we planned the burial and funeral services for our sweet sister. Meeting with him and seeing his gentleness with our family has FOREVER changed our lives, it started our family’s journey on the path to find healing. Thank you, Eric, for your service and I would highly recommended Russon Mortuary for those whose lives have been touched by the death of a loved one. Thank you again!

5 on Google, 11/27/2019
By Scott Kellett

5 on Google, 11/18/2019
By Mariah Robins

This is a gorgeous new building! The staff was so warm and welcoming. Russon brothers is a perfect fit for our family and will be for yours.

5 on Facebook, 11/14/2019
By Shelise Lowe

The entire experience at Russon Mortuary Syracuse was a positive one. We were their very first customer and expected there to be hiccups along the way but there wasn’t, not a single one. The facility is beautiful and bright. They were very professional, kind, and understanding. They were not pushy at all and were very patient as some of the decisions we had to make took a long time. We were very happy with their service and definitely recommend them. We hope we won’t need their services again for a very long time but will not hesitate to use them again.

5 on Google, 11/14/2019
By Shelise Lowe

The entire experience at Russon Mortuary Syracuse was a positive one. We were their very first customer and expected there to be hiccups along the way but there wasn’t, not a single one. The facility is beautiful and bright. They were very professional, kind, and understanding. They were not pushy at all and were very patient as some of the decisions we had to make took a long time. We were very happy with their service and definitely recommend them. We hope we won’t need their services again for a very long time but will not hesitate to use them again.

5 on Facebook, 11/14/2019
By Teresa Milius Bassett

Russon Brothers has served our family and extended family for years and they are so gracious and kind and we just love everyone involved with their amazing mortuary. Thank you Russon brothers for making the grieving process slightly easier knowing our loved ones are with people we can trust ❤️ also their locations are convenient and beautiful. So comfortable and accommodating

5 on Google, 11/9/2019
By Catherine Sumner

Russon Mortuary is the most caring company. They take pride in their services they provide. They have taken care of many of my loved ones, from grandparents, aunts and uncles to my very own parents. There isn't anyone else I would trust. I've known this company for over 30 years and am happy to see they have expanded to northern Davis county. The open house was amazing and very thoughtful. They took careful thought for including everyone who would attend. They provided food and a bounce house for the kids. It was great. Thank you!

5 on Google, 11/9/2019
By Dayna Booth

Genuinely caring and helpful. Would highly recommend Russon mortuary.

5 on Google, 11/6/2019
By K Dubs

Couldn’t be more impressed with the entire experience at Russon Mortuary. Exactly who you want to take care of you during such a difficult time.

5 on Google, 11/5/2019
By Rashelle Stephens

I would recommend Russon Mortuary to anyone that needs funeral services. I came to Russon with no appointment and really no knowledge of what to do to plan a loved ones funeral. Matt helped me right when I walked in the door. My mother had not passed away yet but I had a feeling I needed to start getting things in order. Matt went through the entire process from start to finish and I was able to have the funeral planned very quickly. My mother passed away the next day. It was a relief to know I had finished the hardest part of the funeral process and I have Matt to thank for that. He was very understanding with me and my emotions and gave me plenty of time to make choices and ask questions. The day of the viewing Russon had everything set up perfectly when I arrived to prepare for the evening. I was given plenty of time alone with my mother and plenty of time to set up pictures and video of her life. They were very helpful in preparing my mother for the open casket viewing and when I asked for changes on her make up and other small details they were very understanding and made the changes very quickly. Overall I would give them 10 stars if I could. This process is painful to go through but they helped me get through everything and followed up with me every step of the way. They also did a great job after the funeral helping me design my mother's headstone. I am very picky and they were patient with me and all of my small changes. Matt did such a great job if you ever have to go through this hard process he is the best person for the job!!

5 on Google, 11/4/2019
By Kraig Webb

I love the level of service and genuine concern that we received from all the staff at Russon Mortuary. In our time of need, they took the time to answer questions, inform—NOT SELL, and offered words of comfort. I would totally recommend this wonderful company to anyone! Thank you for your kindness!

5 on Google, 11/1/2019
By Valli Lambert

5 on Google, 11/1/2019
By Ryan Lambert

My spouse and I loved the Syracuse Russon Mortuary open house! Such a beautiful well thought out and carefully planned facility that will bring comfort and solace for hundreds of families in the Syracuse community and surrounding area for decades to come. I was very impressed with the large chapel area that could comfortably fit 200+ people for a funeral service or viewing. Loved the natural light, delicate color scheme, and pleasing design of the building - especially the lobby area. The entire theme had an endearing touch to it. Well done Russon Mortuary.

5 on Google, 11/1/2019
By sherry russon

I was amazed and thankful for the loving support of the community in welcoming this business at the open house. Not only families enjoyed themselves but different local businesses were kind and supportive.

5 on Google, 10/31/2019
By Kim Matschull

Tacky. Grand opening with a bounce house and a food truck. So in appropriate.

5 on Google, 10/25/2019
By Stacy Maltsberger

Everyone was kind, caring and they thought of everything. We felt mom was in great hands through every step of the process. Eric was so patient, compassionate and understanding. He made a hard time, so much easier.

5 on Google, 10/9/2019
By Benjamin Coles

They are by far the most personable funeral directors I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend this group.

5 on Google, 9/30/2019
By Sarah Busk

Our family had a great experience working with Russon Brothers Mortuary. They were very kind and thoughtful during a difficult time.

5 on Google, 9/16/2019
By Crystal H

5 on Google, 9/13/2019
By Angie Wagstaff

We are very grateful for Matt and the caregivers at Russon brothers. They were very professional, patient, kind and respectful to our family. We appreciate the compassion they showed our family as we tried to navigate our way through the loss of our father.

5 on Google, 9/11/2019
By Trevor Clark

We are new to the area so we weren’t familiar with the local mortuaries. We heard about Russon Brothers Mortuary from a neighbor and are very glad that we chose to them to help us through this difficult time. We worked with Matthew Russon from the Farmington location and had a wonderful experience. He is a genuinely kind and caring person who took the time to understand our situation and needs. He walked us through every step of the way and provided us with all of the available options within the budget we had established. He didn’t make us rush through the process nor did he try to talk us into anything we didn’t want. I felt very prepared for the funeral even though we had a fairly quick turnaround between the death of our loved one and the funeral. The day of the funeral couldn’t have gone any smoother. The day went exactly as we had planned and discussed, thanks to Matthew. His preparation allowed us to enjoy the day and the people who came to support us rather than having to stress about something less important. I highly recommend using Russon Brothers Mortuary.

5 on Google, 9/7/2019
By Lisa Gardner

Thank you to Russon Brothers Mortuary for the kindness, love, and care shown to our family after our father's death. Matt Russon was sensitive and so very helpful as we discussed how to best honor our father. Every question and concern was addressed and answered kindly and respectfully. He took the time to explain anything we needed to know and do to prepare for the viewing and funeral. I especially appreciated the wonderful presentation he made to the children and grandchildren to help them better understand the death of someone they all loved. Thank you, Matt and all those who worked with us, to make this difficult time a sweet, memorable experience for our family. Many thanks and appreciation from the Eli Stanford LeCheminant family

5 on Google, 8/29/2019
By Josh Chavez

Russon Brothers took great care and concern for our little baby girl. They did all of their services for free. What an amazing mortuary. My wife and I are forever grateful for the services they provided to us. Professional and caring. Thank you especially to Caleb Heap who handled our arrangement with great care and consideration. We are so grateful.

5 on Google, 8/27/2019
By Mason Watt

5 on Google, 8/19/2019
By Mary Kay Whipple

Our family has used Russon Brothers Mortuary for 6 funerals. We are very pleased with the service we have received from them or we would not keep going back. They are very efficient and professional in a very emotional and stressful time for the family. They anticipate our needs before we even know the need is there. They treat our loved ones with respect and acknowledge our great love for our family member. They are careful in their care of the body of our deceased loved ones. They prepare the body for viewing with great care and pay attention to all the details that are needed and all the individual requests that we make. They assist in preparing all the details of the funeral, obituary, and at the cemetery. Our family is grateful for their kind, professional, and excellent service.

5 on Google, 8/14/2019
By Brandon Federico

Russon Brothers took such good care of our entire family during the process of my fathers funeral. Each step of the way they were very kind and thoughtful. I was very impressed how concerned they were and how companionate they acted. I am so glad that we had them help with everything. They really handled so many more questions and concerns than we had thought about.

5 on Google, 8/12/2019
By Andrea Reeder

Russon Brothers cared for our Mom's funeral in 1992, so when our Dad recently passed away, we knew who we would call to make the arrangements. Matt Russon treated us like family and showed our Dad the most respect that we could ask for. They reviewed every detail with us and made sure that we understood every step in the process. They helped us to make all the necessary decisions, while still making the viewing and funeral be a celebration of Dad's life. Thank you so much, from the Eli Stanford LeCheminant family.

5 on Google, 8/2/2019
By Loren Clark

Matt and those at Russon were top-notch. Highly recommended. Everything was perfect, from their site for the viewing, the guidance they gave us as a family at a difficult time, and all of their services.

5 on Google, 7/29/2019
By Ken Whipple

These guys are the best in the business. Exceptionally professional and caring. They took exceptional care of our family after parents and grandparents passed away. We won’t use any other company. Can’t say enough great things about Russon Brothers.

5 on Google, 7/27/2019
By Cristy Shields

We couldn't have been treated with more kindness and care. We worked with Matt Russon and he was simply amazing. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable and respectful. Our burdens were lightened and everything was taken care of. We were able to grieve with family and felt truly loved and cared for by the Russon Brothers Mortuary.

5 on Google, 7/24/2019
By Matt Garlock

There’s nobody I’d rather have bury me

5 on Google, 7/23/2019
By Danny Gillette

They did an excellent job helping us through the funeral details during this difficult time. They were professional and thoughtful. They were great.

5 on Google, 7/22/2019
By Everett Taylor

I've known Matt Russon for a long time and have always respected him. When my father passed away, he personally came to the house. It meant so much to my mom to know that my dad was going with someone we knew. Russon's took great care of us; walking with us through a difficult process. With my father's large viewing they stayed open late and never issued complaint. Matt even made sure that the awning and seat covers at the cemetery were red just for my dad. They're great! We love the Russon's.

5 on Google, 7/18/2019
By Adam Anderson

I would absolutely recommend Russon Brothers to anyone who needs someone to handle funeral arrangements for their loved one. Russon Brothers handled the funeral when my dad passed away. Every interaction we had was professional and respectful, but what stood out the most to me was the compassion I felt from their entire staff. They understand that everyone's emotions are being tested, and they do their best to communicate honestly and compassionately. They will to do everything they can to make the best of the most difficult situation we all face.

5 on Google, 7/18/2019
By Tony Jones

When my father died we really wanted a mortuary that would take care of us. I cannot tell you enough the care that Russon Bros did to help us through the sad time. I dealt with Matt Russon who cared tremendously. He even accompanied us to the grave site 4 hours away. His professional dealings accompanied by his genuineness made the tough time turn into a time of peace and honor for my father. I highly recommend Russon Bros Mortuary.

5 on Google, 7/16/2019
By Cory Burt

These Gentlemen are the best in the business. They deal with really difficult situations everyday, and they do it with class and so much love. My family has been blessed to know the Russon Brothers!!

5 on Google, 7/15/2019
By Brittney Allenbach

Russon Brothers was incredibly thoughtful and sensitive to our family. They were attentive to all of the details we needed, which enabled our family to have a peaceful experience. During a time of great pain, Russon Brothers helped us have a sweet time of closure with friends and family.

5 on Google, 7/15/2019
By Jen n

I am so very grateful for the kindness and compassion that has been shown to our family by those at Russon. They have helped us with two funerals in just the last few months. Matt has been so accommodating and patient. As well as very knowledgeable in helping our family make difficult decisions. Top quality service !

5 on Google, 7/15/2019
By Trent Hooper

Russon Brothers Have handled services for three of my close with relatives now. We’ve had an outstanding experience each time. For such a complicated and difficult time, they have always come through reliable and have handled services for three of my close with relatives now. We’ve had an extra outstanding experience each time. For such a complicated and difficult time, they have always come through reliable and with a personal touch that has helped the whole family with the process. We would use them again if given the choice.

5 on Google, 7/15/2019
By Hyrum Pitt

If you dealing with Russon Brothers or any Mortuary for that matter, it means you have likely been through a tragic event. Russon Brothers Mortuary was exactly what we needed to help us through our tragedy. Talk about sensitive, professional, upfront, helpful, easy to communicate with, patient, and the list goes on. I couldn't recommend Matt and his team more highly.

5 on Google, 7/14/2019
By Scott Smith

Mat and his staff did a wonderful job for us at a very difficult time. They were kind and attentive and responded to our concerns and requests immediately. We recommend them without reservation. Thank you.

5 on Google, 7/14/2019
By Zac Reynolds

I was so impressed with the entire Russon Brother's staff during my mother's passing. Grieving her unexpected passing was difficult enough, so it was such a blessing to have Matt and the Russon Brother's staff ease the load of the funeral planning process. Both the viewing and funeral services went just as we had hoped. They were very professional and sensitive throughout the entire process. Thanks Russon Brother's.

5 on Google, 7/13/2019
By Barbara Whelan

When my mother passed away our family used Russon Mortuary. Everyone was wonderful, very helpful and compassionate. Everything went so smoothly which made such a difference during a difficult time. The Farmington mortuary was beautiful and had a warm feeling. We were very satisfied and would highly recommend Russon Mortuary to everyone.

5 on Google, 7/13/2019
By Ryan W Allen

I can confidently say that Russon Brothers Mortuary is a top-tier organization. Their sensitivity and professionalism is unrivaled. On the several occasions that my family has worked with Russon Brothers, we were treated with respect and dignity by the staff and were very pleased with the way our deceased loved one was cared for. I have observed other local funeral directors as I have attended various services and would not consider using anyone but Russon Brothers for my family’s future needs.

5 on Facebook, 7/13/2019
By Ryan Allen

I can confidently say that Russon Brothers Mortuary is a top-tier organization. Their sensitivity and professionalism is unrivaled. On the several occasions that my family has worked with Russon Brothers, we were treated with respect and dignity by the staff and were very pleased with the way our deceased loved ones were cared for. I have observed other local funeral directors as I have attended various services and would not consider using anyone but Russon Brothers for my family’s future needs.

5 on Google, 7/13/2019
By Michelle Moore

Russon Brothers Mortuary is a wonderful and caring service for when you need it most. My mom passed away in my home after being on hospice. Matt Russon came to help take care of her on that day; bringing her out of my home. He was kind, gentle and made sure I had time to say my last goodbye to her before she left, if i chose to do so. He also prepared her to be laid to rest with my dad in Oregon. You will be in good hands choosing their caring and professional services when it is time.

5 on Google, 7/12/2019
By Joy Jones

Matt Russon was our funeral director. He handled everything for us during the most difficult event in our lives. He was professional yet caring. By having someone so capable handle the details, we could focus on our family.

5 on Google, 7/12/2019
By Rick Moore

5 on Google, 7/12/2019
By Bradon Bradford

Russon Brothers took care of both of my grandfather's. I could not have asked for finer service or more compassion.

5 on Google, 6/22/2019
By A H

Update: After writing the review below and giving Russon Brothers - Bountiful a two star rating, I spoke with Scott Russon and he offered his heartfelt apology from himself and on behalf of Russon Brothers. His kindness and sincerity meant a lot to myself and my family. This is the Russon Brothers my family remembers from the past, full of kindness and graciousness. I now give them five stars. We used Russon Brothers - Bountiful several years ago and they did a nice job. However, we used them again recently for a sibling’s funeral and were greatly disappointed. We were lied to several times about Russon Brothers having a system in place to get our brother’s oversized casket from the hearse to the gravesite to aid the pallbearers. They did not have a system other than the usual of having the pallbearers carry the casket from the hearse to the gravesite. At the funeral our disabled sibling told the Russon Brothers Funeral Director to come to our home to plan his funeral. Our eldest sibling told that same Funeral Director to NOT come. The Funeral Director involved went ahead and scheduled one of their pre-planners to come anyway. When confronted with the fact that he had been told not to come, the Funeral Director involved kept insisting that he had been told to come. In addition, at the gravesite of our sibling one of the Russon Brothers employees was making fun of our deceased sibling with a Bountiful City Cemetery employee. How callus and unprofessional. In summary, we will think twice before using Russon Brothers - Bountiful again.

5 on Google, 6/14/2019
By Its Just Me

They did a good all around job. We are pleased with there services.

5 on Google, 6/3/2019
By Lawrance Lambert

5 on Google, 3/19/2019
By Ricky Bangerter

I highly recommend Russon Brothers Mortuary. It feels much more like dealing with family than it does a business, and during times of mourning, that's exactly we need. Thanks for being there for our family. keep up the good work guys. Thank you.

5 on Google, 3/19/2019
By Ricky Bangerter

The loss of loved ones is always a struggle, but Russon Brothers Mortuary is the only option for me and my family. They are professional, honest, understanding, and perfectly kind. It feels more like we are dealing with family rather than a business. Thanks for everything.

5 on Facebook, 3/10/2019
By Kitty Larsen

It seems like once they get their money, then we were not important to them anymore. Not only did they start another viewing before our service was over with, they moved our display out in the hall piled on carts. We needed to take our own display down. Also our coats were put out in the hall. Our cards are still missing. They need to make it up to Shelly with some money and a written apology. We will not use this Mortuary in the future.

5 on Google, 3/6/2019
By Sheldon Walker

I have only networked here, but love the location. Clean and friendly environment and good to work with!

5 on Facebook, 3/4/2019
By Crystal Nattress Hover

I really wanted to like Russon Brothers. But we had a few problems with them. Fist of all we were never notified when my dads body was released to them. For days we thought he was having the autopsy done. When they had him and the cause of death the entire time. Second of all the minute we moved into the chapel to have the service, they were already setting up for the next viewing. During the services there was already another body moved into the viewing room. My baby was crying so when we went in there to calm her down it was quite a shock. Our items were being replaced with the next persons viewing. So we ended up with a very nice plant that was not ours. Third of all our sympathy cards went missing. Who knows how much of other people’s money was in those cards. If your paying thousands of dollars for this place you would expect the best. One good thing I can say is how good my dad looked, they did a great job on him. Currently we are waiting for them to look into the missing cards. And also waiting for a written apology. They did seem really nice here, and I was not expecting to be let down at all.

5 on Google, 2/23/2019
By Christine Noorda Anderson

I highly recommend Russon Brothers Mortuary. All the staff were amazing and very helpful, compassionate, caring and gave our family a sense of peace during a very difficult time. They were very professional but yet down to earth at the same time. My dad looked like himself for the viewing I was impressed at how natural and peaceful he looked. That meant the world to me and brought me comfort. Thank you 🙏 from the bottom of my heart.

5 on Google, 2/23/2019
By Daniel Bentall

They will not disappoint.

5 on Google, 2/11/2019
By Angela Porter

We felt the help we received was excellent. Tyler was so helpful and professional! We couldn't be happier with the service at Russon Brothers!!!!!

5 on Google, 2/9/2019
By Jared St. Clair

These guys have done it right for my brother, my dad and now my mom. I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere at this important time. Thank you.

5 on Google, 2/1/2019
By Brook Lyons

During one of the most difficult times in my life, these guys made things simple, calm, affordable and did it all with compassion that didn't feel contrived in the slightest. Thank you to Matt and his staff for everything!

5 on Google, 12/16/2018
By Debra Mullin

Our experience with Russon Brothers was amazing. Our funeral director, Shannon Warenski, was kind, most patient, and respectful. His attention to detail, commitment to professionalism and willingness to patiently guide us through this difficult process was a much needed blessing. Russon Brothers honored our mother. That's just what we needed. Thank you!

5 on Google, 8/15/2018
By Joni Baxter

Nice new building. Comfortable rooms.

5 on Google, 7/26/2018
By Cole Harris

Exceptional service. Thoughtful and caring staff. Professional and organized. Helped our family make the most of a difficult time. Matt Russon was phenomenal.

5 on Google, 7/26/2018
By Brittany Snyder

The staff is so kind, caring and helpful during this hard time of loosing my grandmother. They helped my entire family through the process and helped us give my grandma the viewing and grave side service she had always wanted. So thankful for everything and how simple they made this.

5 on Google, 7/24/2018
By Lance Essig

Russon Brothers Mortuary provided exceptional service for my grandfather's service. They were great help and the highest of respect was given from everyone we worked with. I would highly recommend their service.

5 on Google, 7/20/2018
By Brett Barrett

Always impressed by the thoughtfulness and detail of Russon Mortuary. They recently took care of funeral services for a friend’s father and went above and beyond helping this family plan the services and showing kindness and compassion.

5 on Google, 5/3/2018
By MaidPro Layton

What a beautiful facility. Clean and bright.

5 on Facebook, 4/21/2018
By Jared Gibbons

5 on Google, 4/19/2018
By Dan Allred

I have been to Russon Brothers many times and the place is warm and inviting and sets the tone for peaceful funeral services. I have always been impressed by the staffs professionalism and kindness in making sure patrons have the best experience possible. They go above and beyond to achieve that goal.

5 on Google, 4/19/2018
By Miles Lebaron

Russon brothers does a great job, treating clients with compassion and dignity. Their facilities are top notch. I have attended several funerals at their Kaysville location and it’s a great location with a beautiful view of the mountains during the service. If you need mortuary services, look no further, because Russon brothers is the place for you.

5 on Google, 4/19/2018
By Jaime Allen

Russon Brothers has a beautiful location in Kaysville. I have attended many funerals at this location and they have always done a beautiful job, and made the services seemless and easy. The atmosphere in this location is so peaceful and comfortable. Thank you for putting so much care into your work. It truly shows.

5 on Google, 4/16/2018
By Walter Bornemeier

Russon Bros has always been very helpful and caring for us and all of our close friends. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

5 on Google, 4/12/2018
By Richard Burton

I have attended 2 viewings here and loved the hospitality, professionalism, and setting of the mortuary. Wonderful peaceful view of the valley.

5 on Google, 4/12/2018
By Steven Sutherland

I have been to many of the competitors mortuaries, and have found that Russon Brothers in Farmington has the nicest and cleanest facilities around. The view overlooks Farmington and Bountiful, helping to ease the mind in difficult circumstances. Accommodating morticians and overall great place!

5 on Google, 4/12/2018
By Gary Michaud

Russon Brothers is fantastic. They are informative and truly caring when families need that most.

5 on Google, 4/12/2018
By Matt Holbrook

Great location! Beautiful building. There’s a good feeling at your mortuary...probably because you guys really care. Highly recommend this place.

5 on Google, 3/28/2018
By Alan Blood

Compassionate professionals.

5 on Google, 3/21/2018
By Adam Kawaguchi

I have worked with Russon Brothers on a professional level. From my experience, they are extremely generous and truly care about their community. On top of that, they have beautiful facilities.

5 on Google, 3/14/2018
By Jason Painter

Beautiful facility

5 on Google, 3/13/2018
By Diana Holbrook

The people at Russon Brothers Mortuary are kind, professional, compassionate and caring. They watch over every detail in a dignified, loving manner and help make a difficult time as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Russon Brothers Mortuary.

5 on Google, 3/9/2018
By Matt Howard

Very professional bedside manner.

5 on Google, 3/3/2018
By Rosanne Uffens

5 on Facebook, 3/1/2018
By Ralph Allen

Wonderful people who are caring a shining asset in our community. They are awesome!

5 on Facebook, 3/1/2018
By Matt Garlock

5 on Google, 2/8/2018
By Kelli Mitchell

I would like to thank Matt Russon for taking care of my brother on Tuesday. The funeral was beautiful and you were so helpful and compassionate during the whole experience. My entire family thanks you!

5 on Google, 1/23/2018
By Janet Hanson

Matt Russon is a true blessing to our family during a difficult time. He is very kind, caring and sympathetic. His staff is also exemplary. Thank you for your service.

5 on Google, 1/5/2018
By Kathy Wardrop

Matt Russon and his amazing staff give so much attention to every detail. Their compassion, personal understanding to each individuals needs at such a harrowing time was so comforting and sincere. It didn’t end with the services but continues on with each contact we have had with them. My heart will always be full of gratitude for them all.

5 on Google, 1/5/2018
By Leslie Johnson

The passing of a loved one is never an easy thing, however it's something all of us will face in life. Sadly, I've had this experience more times than I care to count. I've dealt with numerous mortuaries in the Davis County, Salt Lake and Ogden areas. Out of all of them Russon Brothers Mortuary is by far the best. Matt, Chad and Todd show true and honest compassion in their work, and they are experts in their field. They care for your loved one with dignity, compassion, and tenderness. They grieve with you, and help you through the difficult process of loss . . . In the past year, I've worked with them on three different occasions - the tragic death of a young mother, the death of a distinguished 90 year old gentleman who had completed his earthly mission and lived a full life, and just recently the death of our grandson - taken much too soon. In each instance, and in others I've had prior to these, Russon Brothers Mortuary made the process so much easier. If you are faced with an unfortunate death in your life, Russon Brothers Mortuary will be there with you every step of the way. It's not just a business with them, they become part of your family.

5 on Google, 12/24/2017
By Davis Flying

I called late and after hours not thinking anyone would answer but felt I would at least leave a message. Todd answered. As I explained to him and after talking with a few mortuary earlier that day I new this was where I wanted my mother. Crazy but I felt like I was talking with family. Todd said no decision was needed but said he would like to call the U of U hospital and inquiry about my mother he took time to ask me how I was feeling and put me in a state of peace. The next morning both my brother and myself went into the mortuary and how beautiful the bountiful mortuary was. We spoke with Mike and I was extremely impressed with the kindness and how Mike took the time to listen and ask about my family and my mother it was as if we were talking with a friend who we had not seen for a awhile. From start to finish Mike and the staff took the burden from us so that we could take care of many other things. Mike and Tood Thank you for your efforts and concern for my family and the care you showed we will always be greatful. Scott k Davis.

5 on Facebook, 12/5/2017
By Stacy Butler Handy

5 on Google, 12/5/2017
By Tomasi Brown

Just wanted to thank Russon Brothers Mortuary again for all they did to help make our daughter Taiana Brown's funeral arrangements go so smoothly and stress free. I want to especially thank Todd and Scott Russon in particular for the extra care and attention they provided to my wife Melinda and our family during the whole process. They basically took care of everything after meeting with them for the initial appointment. They even went above and beyond what was expected of them because of some special circumstances and for that we will always be grateful. Thank you Todd, Scott and the rest of the Russon Brothers Morturary staff for helping to 'ease our burdens' through your caring and thoughtful actions and attention to the small details. Thank you again for all you did in behalf of Taiana and our family. We will always be grateful for you all.

5 on Google, 11/20/2017
By Mike Heberling

This last week my granddaughter passed away and we were very lucky to be in the hands of such caring people. They were organized and timely in all their efforts in my granddaughters behalf.

5 on Google, 9/13/2017
By Michael Howard

The experience at Russon was second to none. They treat you as family and make sure every detail is taken care of. The respect and honor they gave to my dad and our family made us grateful for their personal touch, professionalism, friendship, compassion, and kindness.

5 on Google, 8/4/2017
By Not A Genius

5 on Google, 6/29/2017
By Blake Tingey (DHS)

5 on Google, 6/3/2017
By Robert Mellor

Highly recommend this funeral home! The staff is extremely attentive and caring. We had the viewing just prior to the funeral at their beautiful facility and were very pleased with the venue, arrangements and flow. I was impressed with their attention to all the details, ability to communicate electronically, and upfront manner to handle all the financial arrangements. I have participated in a lot of funerals and these people are tops in my book!

5 on Google, 4/29/2017
By Allison Downs

We had an unexpected loss of one of our children and had no idea how to plan a funeral. We had heard good things about Russon Bros. so we went there to ask for help. We were warmly welcomed by the secretary and then Matt. Matt helped us through the process and was very patient with us. He wasn't pushy but very gentle and compassionate. He has a unique gift to be able to feel for others and what they are going through. This was a very difficult thing for our family to go through and I felt like Matt had become a close friend.

5 on Google, 4/15/2017
By vance jones

Excellent service at a very hard time. Extremely professional and sensitive to our family

5 on Google, 2/14/2017
By Randy Wood

My Father passed and just recently my Mother. We had them both setup with a prepaid planning program. I'm grateful we did. It left more time and less stress for the family to remember and celebrate them. I highly recommend Russon Brothers Mortuary in Bountiful to everyone.

5 on Google, 11/30/2016

5 on Google, 9/6/2016
By Ivan Dieu

Re: Elda Burnett Dieu-Merkley - Dear Russon Brothers Mortuary Farmington - Matt Russon, Barbara, Matt Simons, and Anthoney, and all there involved. In behalf of our beloved mother, family, and friends, "Thank You" so much for your loving care and warm professional help. Our mother was so very grateful (I know...), for the way you've even gone way out of your way to make her "Passing" a loving experience. May all those with family passing, experience what we all did and felt there with you and your beautiful funeral home. Sincerely, -Ivan (Youngest son of 5 children...)

5 on Google, 8/28/2016
By Taylor Matthews

Great service provided at my grandfather's funeral

5 on Google, 8/26/2016
By Sing Song

The grounds and facility are beautiful. I love the view from the chapel. The staff are very friendly, professional, and competent. Planning for the inevitable future with them was more pleasant than one would expect. I am very glad we are using them.

5 on Google, 7/12/2016
By ken isaac

We've used the services of Russon Brothers Mortuary, and were very happy with the staff and the accommodations, including the setup for a viewing at their location, a funeral held offsite, and the graveside accommodations and the coordination of all the details.

5 on Google, 5/18/2016
By Rachel Kennard Leech

Used Russon brothers for my fathers funeral and am so inpressed how professional and kind the staff is! Made us feel like family and made the burial process easy and effortless. Thank you Russon Brothers!

5 on Google, 1/3/2016
By Don Hutcheson

5 on Facebook, 3/22/2014
By Randy Clouse

5 on Facebook, 3/18/2014
By David Scott Miller

5 on Facebook, 1/14/2014
By Alejandro Cancino Peréz

5 on Facebook, 1/2/2014
By Jim Waite

5 on Facebook, 12/24/2013
By LaPriel Jensen

5 on Facebook, 12/2/2013
By Tannor Slaughter

5 on Facebook, 12/2/2013
By Steve Miller

5 on Facebook, 12/2/2013
By Ali Majidi

5 on Google, 11/15/2013
By Stephany Morrison

Beautiful building, peaceful with a great view. The owners are kind generous people.

5 on Facebook, 5/15/2013
By Jason Foster

I would totally recommend Russon Brothers Mortuary, they have always been very professional with me and my family.

5 on Google, 3/16/2011
By A Google User

Great family owned business. They all are so kind and compationate to every family they serve!