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5 on Google, 7/25/2020
By Ray DeLuna

5 on Google, 7/25/2020
By Adam Hill

5 on Google, 7/24/2020
By Sadida L

Service guy was super nice and thorough. Smell lingered for a bit inside but otherwise great.

5 on Google, 7/23/2020
By Kishore Jonnalagedda

Good: Been using Green Guard for 2 years now. Have a very good experience with them so far. Quick to customer service. Quick to schedule and responsible. Their guys are experienced and get rid of the pests cleanly. Not good: The 1 or 2 times where I had to call them back coz the bugs came back mid term. This happened early in the engagement. They have been sending pretty good guys ever since. The good thing is they don't charge for these extra visits.

5 on Google, 7/18/2020
By Kelley and Allen Sims

5 on Google, 7/17/2020
By Holly Platt

5 on Google, 7/16/2020
By George Abraham

Great service.

5 on Google, 7/16/2020
By Ayesha Siddiqui

Great team and great service. On time, courteous, professional!

5 on Google, 7/15/2020
By Charlotte Miller

They are very good to notify you of the upcoming service and then to come on time. They will return if you need them between scheduled services.

5 on Google, 7/11/2020
By Roberto MRR

My family has been using Green Guard services for quite a few years at our family home. We have never had any insect problems, and when we do occasionally get some small plague brewing they come in and help us out immediately. Now that I moved out to my own place I hired them again. Their year long plan is affordable and their customer service is very friendly, flexible, and fast. Thanks!

5 on Google, 7/11/2020
By Shantain Townsend

Green Guard Pest Control does their job well.

5 on Google, 7/9/2020
By Heather Tinkle

5 on Google, 7/9/2020
By Jayanta Nandi

The person came for pest control was professional listen to the issues and applied the required pest control. He took care both outside around 30 feet perimeter of the house, backyard n other issues reported. He also took care of the insects, bug n wasp inside the garage n house. Overall job took more than an hour. Hope all insects, bugs, spiders n ants will be away for next 3 months. Overall they did a good job.

5 on Google, 7/8/2020
By niki schertz

Love this company! I signed up for the quarterly service, which is great. If I have any issues in between services, I can call and they'll come for no added charge.!

5 on Google, 7/8/2020
By N Mallika A

This is my first time experience I love their service punctual, professional and reasonable price.

5 on Google, 7/6/2020
By Ashish Mohanty

5 on Google, 7/6/2020
By Tesina Painter

5 on Google, 7/4/2020
By Shalini Khemlani

5 on Google, 7/2/2020
By Kali Patel

Very prompt and efficient service....Christopher takes his time to make sure to do the job 100%....

5 on Google, 7/1/2020
By D.H. Smith

Just completed a one year contract with Green Guard and I am staying with them. Great company. I always get my questions answered the first time and they always provide a professional service. Since I have started using Green Guard I haven't had wasp, spider, or ant problems. Highly recommended.

5 on Google, 6/26/2020
By Thirumalai Gopal

They are always on time and treat inside and outside thoroughly. They cleared the spider webs and Ants. I would continue their service.

5 on Google, 6/24/2020
By Megan Dexter

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By Julia Rossen

They have great professionalism, quality, and responsiveness.

5 on Google, 6/20/2020
By Robin Stricklin

5 on Google, 6/18/2020
By Schola Nweke

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By Cathy Lowrance

Easy to work with, quarterly visits with affordable charges. Child and animal friendly products - very important to me. Definitely would recommend!

5 on Google, 6/16/2020
By Heidi Buchanan

5 on Google, 6/16/2020
By Dianne Hayes

We’ve used Green Guard Pest Control for several years. The few times we’ve needed services outside our usual treatments they respond quickly and effectively. Barbara in the office always so kind and so helpful.

5 on Google, 6/12/2020
By Lakshmi Kuve

5 on Google, 6/10/2020
By Victoria Manusos

5 on Google, 6/9/2020
By Cindy Marshall

I have used Green Guard since I moved into Castle Hills over 5 years ago. I have never had such a knowledgable pest control company ever. They treat you like family and know what they are doing. Dorthy is always there to schedule what you need. Thank you Green Guard 👍🏻

5 on Google, 6/7/2020
By Jennifer Conn

5 on Google, 6/7/2020
By Alvin F. Benton

5 on Google, 6/6/2020
By Antoine Pierre

5 on Google, 6/6/2020
By Ronnie B Johnson

5 on Google, 6/3/2020
By Dennis Allen

Our first use of Green Guard. We were surprised they appeared at the front door without COVID-19 masks, but they quickly put masks on at our request for the initial indoor treatment. We are not a big fan of the open “peanut butter” baits on aluminum foil on our counters. I expected them to have enclosed bait traps and their own aluminum foil. They arrived promptly and answered all my questions. We would have appreciated a “heads up” that they would be bringing a trainee to set our expectations. We are anxious to see how the treatments work over the next several months. No smell or residue after treatment dried or during application.

5 on Google, 6/3/2020
By Josh Shepard

5 on Google, 5/29/2020
By Kelsey Powell

5 on Google, 5/28/2020
By Neeraja D

5 on Google, 5/27/2020
By Emily White

5 on Google, 5/27/2020
By Yong Lan

5 on Google, 5/26/2020
By Bill Wallace

When I first moved into my new build house, I had problems with spiders and crickets. Once Green Guard got started, the pests disappeared. Been here for several years now, and no pest issues. The Green Guard team is very thorough. They control the pests outside, around the house, so they don't have to come inside. But, will happily do inside work when necessary.

5 on Google, 5/23/2020
By Mee Rocket

5 on Google, 5/23/2020
By Michelle Mortimer

5 on Google, 5/21/2020
By Suzi Sheaffer

They always call to schedule my quarterly service and clarify any special needs that may arise. Quality work and personalized service!

5 on Google, 5/20/2020
By Kathy Angiolet

5 on Google, 5/20/2020
By Amy M

I’ve been their customer from the beginning, probably 10+ years. They have grown over the years but their service is still top notch and they operates with the attitude of a small growing company with Know Your Customer attitude. The employees and the owner are professional, they provide routine quarterly service and until you’re completely satisfied. For both homes & businesses, we highly recommend this company.

5 on Google, 5/18/2020
By Robb Meister

5 on Google, 5/17/2020
By Matthew Rubin

5 on Google, 5/16/2020
By Hussain Rahmani

5 on Google, 5/15/2020
By Tania Joya

5 on Google, 5/13/2020
By Anuja Damle- Sathe

5 on Google, 5/8/2020

5 on Google, 5/8/2020
By Dawn Mercer

5 on Google, 5/4/2020
By Sergio Escobar

5 on Google, 4/28/2020
By Sarah Pape Hester

5 on Google, 4/28/2020
By Vikram A

5 on Google, 4/23/2020
By Belle Joyner

5 on Google, 4/22/2020
By Dilip Shah

5 on Google, 4/21/2020
By jessica sabugo

5 on Google, 4/20/2020
By Michael Lobell

5 on Google, 4/17/2020
By Sindhura Polasanapalli

5 on Google, 4/15/2020
By Tim Mccafferty

5 on Google, 4/13/2020
By Phil Milbury

5 on Google, 4/10/2020
By Kiran Chintapalli

Great value for money

5 on Google, 4/10/2020
By Cindy Gentry

5 on Google, 4/9/2020
By Tony Sun

5 on Google, 4/9/2020
By Jim Prater

5 on Google, 4/9/2020
By Kimberly Parshall

With covid19 I wasn’t sure I wanted them to come into my house, however they took all safety precautions coming into our home. I have use them going on two years the staff is Friendly and always get the job done!

5 on Google, 4/3/2020
By Raymond Blagg

5 on Google, 4/3/2020
By Sharon Bass

5 on Google, 3/17/2020
By Mike MBB

5 on Google, 3/15/2020
By Robin Stricklin

5 on Google, 3/8/2020
By Anna Williams

5 on Google, 3/7/2020
By Courtney Saffo

5 on Google, 3/7/2020
By Kass DuRoss

5 on Google, 2/27/2020
By Gymboree Play & Music, Dallas

5 on Google, 2/21/2020
By familycalendar Smith

Always on time, always ready with a solution and a pleasant attitude along with the solution. Proactive in reaching out to circumvent any pest issues we may experience.

5 on Google, 2/18/2020
By Ian Oh

5 on Google, 2/15/2020
By Debby Montgomery

5 on Google, 2/8/2020
By Tim Streeter

5 on Google, 2/7/2020
By Zebbie Musick

I’ve been using Green Guard Pest Control for many years and I am always happy with their service.!Green Guard Pest Control dies an excellent job. I would recommend their services.

5 on Google, 2/6/2020
By Andrea Bardwell

5 on Google, 2/5/2020
By vasu annam

5 on Google, 1/31/2020
By Bobby Bryce

Great service, very thorough every visit. Service techs are friendly and knowledgeable. Office staff is incredible.

5 on Google, 1/31/2020
By Jimmy Scott

5 on Google, 1/29/2020
By Lindsay Dove

5 on Google, 1/29/2020
By Tom McDonald

5 on Google, 1/28/2020
By Casey McAuliff

Good company. Honest and reliable. Have used them since 2010. Rarely do I ever see pests around the house.

5 on Google, 1/28/2020
By Caleb Cranford

Green Guard Pest Control is top of the line in the Pest Control industry. The owner, Grant, is a family man who cares about maintaining the integrity of your home and keeping nasty pests out of your space. Highly recommend!

5 on Google, 1/21/2020
By Jan Urban Johansson

5 on Google, 1/19/2020
By Christine Hook

Highly recommend. Service is great. Takes care of pests without harsh poisons at a reasonable price. Far superior to the company we used prior to finding Green Guard.

5 on Google, 1/17/2020
By Gacha lover King slayer

5 on Google, 1/17/2020
By Jennifer Skipton

We are very happy with our decision to use Green Guard for our pest control. We signed on just over 4 years ago and have never considered switching. They are very thorough, easy to work with, the techs are friendly and explain everything and service is easily scheduled. Plus we love using environmentally friendly treatment that is non-impacting to us or our pets. I have asthma and there are many pesticides which trigger attack, but not the formula used by Green Guard.

5 on Google, 1/17/2020
By Raed Ashkar

5 on Google, 1/15/2020
By Debra Childress

Always pleasant and efficient. Found and knocked down a hornet’s nest.

5 on Google, 1/15/2020
By Trish Parker

5 on Google, 1/10/2020
By Lauren Largent

5 on Google, 1/3/2020
By Brian Mercer

Always polite, always alert us before they show up, their product works. We have tried other services and always come back.

5 on Google, 12/30/2019
By Emmanuel Leeper

Great pest control. The guys can, saw and concurred! No bugs in sights, if I do they come right out! Courteous and efficient! The technician was ready to explain any question I had, even fire ants in the winter!

5 on Google, 12/29/2019
By Carole Markes

Very conscientious regarding pets. Appreciate call before coming out. Very nice technicians.

5 on Google, 12/28/2019
By Riemi Irwin

5 on Google, 12/28/2019
By Karen McGinnis

5 on Google, 12/27/2019
By Alma Vano

5 on Google, 12/22/2019
By Rosie Murphy

5 on Google, 12/5/2019
By zohreh heidari

5 on Google, 11/7/2019
By Justin Thompson

Green Guard Pest Control is the best!! They always provide excellent customer service and the technicians are very professional and courteous. The techs are knowledgable always answer any of my questions during the service. I highly recommend Green Guard and their entire staff!!

5 on Google, 11/4/2019
By Eric Bowen

Green Guard Pest Control is a great pest service. Punctual and easy to work with. They have great customer service and provide a great service at a fair price.

5 on Google, 10/16/2019
By Arul Anand

Awesome As Always !!!

5 on Google, 5/19/2019
By Parth Khatsuria

I have used their services for both home and business and I love them. Everyone is friendly and the job is done in timely manner. I have recommended them to my family and they love green guard as well.

5 on Google, 5/7/2019
By Fedex GB

This is the best company i have ever used, been with them for more than a year and hope for many years more, every time they come, they take care of everything and I don't have to worry about any bugs! My biggest concern with all the companies is the product since I have a dog and their product is pet friendly and the staff that works there is the best, specially Leo, if I have any questions don't hesitate to give him a call and he is there to assist, friendly and polite. Best company in Texas!

5 on Google, 3/30/2019
By Kelly D

Top notch service. Courteous and efficient technicians. We’ve been using them for years with great results.

5 on Google, 2/5/2019
By Jessie Estrada

Reliable, efficient and affordable! Took care of all my problems without a sweat!

5 on Google, 2/4/2019
By Carlos De los Santos

We juts got on quarterly services with green guard and they did a great job. We had a big ant problem in our kitchen that they were able to take care of and the technician went above and beyond with our initial service.

5 on Google, 1/7/2019
By Jesika N. Rodriguez

Recently I had an issue with mice invasion around my neighborhood that affected the inside and outside of my home. Green Guard offered me a great deal and their service was quick and beneficial to get the issue resolved. They were also punctual and arrived at the time I scheduled to get serviced. I no longer have mice or pest because Green Guard got my home covered. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

5 on Google, 9/30/2018
By Jackie Lindsay

Green guard pest control is awesome. They are very professional and considerate. I highly recommend them.

5 on Google, 9/24/2018
By A user

Horrible company - Green Guard Pest Control in Frisco, Texas. The owner and his wife will lie about their service to get you on board and then the arguments begin. They refuse to provide the service and will go to any extent to ensure you pay the total contract amount (which they charge on the sly), which is what they want in the first place. I made the mistake of trusting them. DO NOT USE THEM AND DO NOT EVER SIGN ANY CONTRACT WITH THEM.

5 on Google, 9/20/2018
By Doug Boone

Amazingly honest-straight advice. I spoke with the owner re. their best defense options for mosquitoes, and remarkably I didn’t hear another sales pitch...instead Zandra provided advice and feedback that will actually help our family. Although we don’t currently have other pest issues; when we do I will be calling Green Guard. Thanks for putting integrity first.

5 on Google, 9/14/2018

i have been fooled by this people they said its onrtime contract n then thet take out money from my bank every quartely when i spoke to the person he was very rude n nt ready to listen to me n cancelled my contract n charge me 100$from my account the person kept on lying that some body came for sevice n nobody come for service my house when at the first sevice was done i called the them that i saw some roaches no body came to for free sevice pethic sevice i still have roaches in my house n people r very rude just hang the fone down beacuse there time is important i vcalled next day n same person was not ready to speak properly n he say i dont need a coustermer plz beware of such people plz see the contract before sinning it

5 on Google, 6/30/2018
By Roberto Fernandez

They are very professional, kind and focused in the specific issues in your house. We have been served by them for 7+ years and the service is always excellent.

5 on Google, 2/22/2018
By Patrick Nawazkhan

Best technicians I have seen so far! I like how their thoroughly inspect the house outside by cleaning nests, webs and other. They spray your entire yard as well, which most company do not do. They will do the same thing inside at your request. They are super professional as well and punctual. The only reason I am giving 3 stars as opposed to 5 is because we had our quarterly service done just two weeks ago and asked for treatment for ants in the bathroom. Those came back and unfortunately we are not able to have it re-serviced because our service is no longer active. We intended not to renew our contract and were told to email, which we did so they terminated the service right away. Have I known that, I would have waited till the end of my quarter to cancel. I called corporate but they said they could not do anything because the service is cancelled. So heads up, time your cancellation accordingly. Other than that, you will be pleased with the service.

5 on Google, 3/11/2017
By Karen Erie

Can't say enough about these guys. We have used them for a few years and have always been happy with the service they have given us!

5 on Google, 12/14/2016
By Mike Brad

Prompt, friendly and effective

5 on Google, 9/14/2016
By Doug Compton

I highly recommend Green Guard Pest Control. They provide excellent service and are very professional.