5 on Google, 6/21/2018
By Tom Carlisle

Thank you for the help offered to make this go as smoothly as possible.

5 on Google, 6/14/2018
By Chantale Tiatia

5 on Google, 5/22/2018
By Jessenya Hernandez

My older brother recently passed away and they helped a lot with understanding on how the cremation works and prices of Urns. I dont Want to get into to much detail but I would Recomed coming here.

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Todd Jolley

Thank you Randy, Carl, and the entire staff for the tender loving care with our son's funeral. You did a beautiful job.

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Debbie Murri

Berg Mortuary showed a lot of respect for all of us involved. Previously my husband's family used Berg's Mortuary and it has always been a good experience. Thanks for your services.

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Kasie Singleton

5 on Google, 1/18/2018
By Carol Ann Yadon

5 on Google, 1/15/2018
By Louis Lopez

5 on Google, 1/15/2018
By Perry Carter

Berg Mortuary has been so very helpful and accommodating in making arrangements for the passing of our loved ones. All of those at Berg have been especially sensitive to our needs for each of our loved ones and the different situations they have helped us with. I would go no where else for this service they provide.

5 on Google, 1/14/2018
By Utah Broker

5 on Google, 1/2/2018
By Allison Hutchison

Berg was wonderful handling the final wishes of my Uncle Sandy who had pre-planned his cremation. This was at the urging of my wise grandmother who had also preplanned with Berg after she used them in the 80's when my grandfather died. Thirty six years later Berg provided the same customer service they did the first time my family needed them. That speaks for itself. Special kudos to Donita and Todd who are the definition of compasion, dedication, and attention to detail. Todd went over the entire authorization for Cremation form with me, all 6+ pages worth on speaker phone while my kids ran around in the background, and Donita made sure every announcement we made was spot on and responded to my emails extremely quickley. I was out of state, but I got the same service and care as someone that was there in person. They put my Uncle to rest, and put my mind at ease. Thanks Berg!

5 on Google, 12/30/2017
By Nalea Black

I never thought I would be personally be using their services until years to come. They were AMAZING very professional, helpful, double checked everything to make sure every detail was perfect for my husband services, It was nice and comforting to know they took care of everything. I didn’t have to worry about anything. I loved how they followed up with us after the funeral to make sure we were okay. I will be planning/prepay my funeral with them so our children will not have to make those decisions. Thank You Berg for being amazing and caring at such a difficult time.

5 on Google, 11/25/2017
By adheast

Everyone at Berg Mortuary was professional and kind. They were very accommodating and had very helpful suggestions to make our funeral and graveside services very special. I will use their services in the future.

5 on Google, 11/20/2017
By Elenna Reif

The funeral director, Todd Jenkins was a dream to work with. I would recommend Berg Mortuary & Todd Jenkins to anyone who has lost a loved one⭐

5 on Google, 11/9/2017
By Ken Howard

5 on Google, 11/8/2017
By Daniel Derkacs

Berg Mortuary exceeded our expectations during a time of great loss.

5 on Google, 11/4/2017
By Ofelia Perez

5 on Google, 11/3/2017
By Andrew Howard

Berg Mortuary can be counted upon for a dignified and quality service. They've handled our family's needs for over three generations.

5 on Google, 11/2/2017
By Kris Babb

The staff at Berg Mortuary did a wonderful job in helping us prepare for our mother’s funeral. They made a very unpleasant time easy and worry free. They take care of everything so you can spend your time with family. Our family has always used Berg and we will continue when the need arises. Thank you Berg and (Brady Fox) for your tender care during this hard time.

5 on Google, 10/26/2017
By Rebecca Fenton

5 on Google, 10/25/2017
By Robert Folsom

5 on Google, 10/24/2017
By Pam Espinoza

The entire staff at Berg Mortuary is amazing! They are professional and respectful. They do so many things behind the scenes to ensure the plans go through flawlessly.

5 on Google, 10/23/2017
By starrfunk1

5 on Google, 10/18/2017
By Loreen Major

The folks at Berg were kind, sensitive and compassionate. They were interested in my loved one and who she was. They were not pushy when it came to the package we purchased and were honest in their financial dealings. Our family always uses Berg because of their professionalism.

5 on Google, 10/17/2017
By Steven Womack

5 on Google, 10/17/2017
By Janessa James

5 on Google, 7/6/2017
By Kathleen Vest

Everything was so perfectly organized and the people were so kind and helpful. I know it is their job but they went above and beyond in showing us kindness and sympathy.

5 on Google, 6/15/2017
By Gracemarie Goette

Berg Mortuary helped us through the entire process of loss, mourning and most important… celebrating our loved one’s life with the dignity that she deserve. Thank you, also for all the extras you did, such as remembering all the details we never knew about. Mom’s physical viewing was done naturally and with great respect and care. My entire family was extremely pleased, because the personnel at Berg exceeded our expectations during this difficult time.

5 on Google, 5/7/2017
By Deborah Fox

5 on Google, 4/29/2017
By Donna Clegg

Heart warming

5 on Google, 4/26/2017
By Alan Ashton

Truly a professional organization that cares. They made a tough process manageable.

5 on Google, 4/7/2017
By Suzy Hodson

The staff was so nice and helpful. Very caring and considerate of our needs, which is appreciated at such a difficult time.

5 on Google, 2/11/2017
By Marty Currey

Great service, but disappointed with the billing system. I tried my hardest to get everyone on my end to do everything they needed to do to get my husband insurance paid so I could pay Berg as quickly as possible. Sent in they payment yesterday. Today, just received a bill with a finance charge of $390.95. Just beware. Again no complaints with the services provided.

5 on Google, 12/11/2016
By Ruthie Dangerfield

Berg Mortuary is compassionate, caring and professional in every way. We highly recommend them!

5 on Google, 12/7/2016
By Sheri Palmer

Healing, special, memorable, caring and efficient service

5 on Google, 12/6/2016
By Amanda Warren

5 on Google, 12/6/2016
By Kirsten Weber

Very professional and compassionate. I highly recommend them!

5 on Google, 12/5/2016
By Sue Nielsen

We had a prepaid funeral and they worked everything out for us. It was a pleasant experience all the way through!

5 on Google, 12/5/2016
By Cheri Pray Earl

Berg has been my family's choice for two family funerals and we love them. So professional and thorough but kind and sensitive to our needs.

5 on Google, 12/5/2016
By Ray Lowry

Very kind, careful, and accommodating to me and our family. Took care of everything for both my mother and father who passed away less than two months of each other. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again if needed.

5 on Google, 12/5/2016
By Gayle Jenkins

Berg Mortuary performed flawlessly every detail of my mothers funeral service. She looked so beautiful, which gave great comfort to all of the family. Her cosmetics were flawless! They genuinely care about those whom they serve. Thanks!

5 on Google, 12/5/2016
By S & E Esplin

5 on Google, 11/30/2016
By Brooke Yancy

5 on Google, 10/31/2016
By Brady Fox

Fantastic staff, respectful in every way.

5 on Google, 8/24/2016
By Summer Hopkins

5 on Google, 6/1/2016
By Nathan Murray

This is the oldest contiguous business in Provo and I don't see them going away anytime soon.

5 on Google, 12/14/2012
By Daina Jiron

The staff was wonderful. That is all I have to say.

5 on Google, 12/2/2011
By A Google User

Building is nice on the outside, just don't go in!

5 on Google, 6/15/2011
By A Google User