Peter Adornato  
Prompt, courteous, effective and affordable service. Great job team!
Neely Kulick  
Great service. I described what I thought was a bed bug to a man at Green Earth Pest Control yesterday. He laughed, said he didn't think it was a bed bug, and told me I didn't need an inspection. I appreciate his honesty!
Sabrina Walther  
Not such a good experience, especially with their "gimmick" warranty. Had special service 3 times over the course of 3 months and we still have a problem..
Stuart Waldman  
Andrew Sasso  
Came to them with a big carpenter ant problem that was likely caused by an old leak. I was going crazy thinking about pulling down walls or who-knows-what-else. Luckily, I reached out to Green Earth. I sent them pictures and got an immediate response. The service was professional and more importantly- clean, safe and contained. It has been a few days and I have not yet seen an ant. I highly recommend this firm.
Jim Catalano  
Always prompt, pleasant, informative with great office support in scheduling and followup. I recommend Green Earth without hesitation!
Carolyn Goldhush  
Friendly, helpful service, happy to work with Will and crew!
Melissa Houghtalin  
Everyone has been very friendly; they work very efficiently!
Sandra Winter  
Really professional and helpful. Great not to have to deal with toxic chemicals in our home, too!
Justin Killian  
Excellent experience. I had periodic mouse issues for years. Green Earth showed me exactly where the access points were. They treated the walls and stopped up the entrances. Have not seen any of the critters in the months since they treated my apartment.