5 on Google, 7/27/2018
By jess leslie

Ask for Glen - he is a total sweetheart to the extreme (even helped me fix my GATE, which is not a part of the services I was expecting!!), super thorough and knows his stuff. Glen is why I will be a Green Earther for life!

5 on Google, 7/17/2018
By Peter Adornato

Prompt, courteous, effective and affordable service. Great job team!

5 on Google, 7/12/2018
By Neely Kulick

Great service. I described what I thought was a bed bug to a man at Green Earth Pest Control yesterday. He laughed, said he didn't think it was a bed bug, and told me I didn't need an inspection. I appreciate his honesty!

5 on Google, 7/3/2018
By Sabrina Walther

Not such a good experience, especially with their "gimmick" warranty. Had special service 3 times over the course of 3 months and we still have a problem..

5 on Google, 6/7/2018
By Stuart Waldman

5 on Google, 5/30/2018
By Andrew Sasso

Came to them with a big carpenter ant problem that was likely caused by an old leak. I was going crazy thinking about pulling down walls or who-knows-what-else. Luckily, I reached out to Green Earth. I sent them pictures and got an immediate response. The service was professional and more importantly- clean, safe and contained. It has been a few days and I have not yet seen an ant. I highly recommend this firm.

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Jim Catalano

Always prompt, pleasant, informative with great office support in scheduling and followup. I recommend Green Earth without hesitation!

5 on Google, 5/17/2018
By Carolyn Goldhush

Friendly, helpful service, happy to work with Will and crew!

5 on Google, 5/9/2018
By Melissa Houghtalin

Everyone has been very friendly; they work very efficiently!

5 on Google, 5/3/2018
By Sandra Winter

Really professional and helpful. Great not to have to deal with toxic chemicals in our home, too!

5 on Google, 3/22/2018
By Justin Killian

Excellent experience. I had periodic mouse issues for years. Green Earth showed me exactly where the access points were. They treated the walls and stopped up the entrances. Have not seen any of the critters in the months since they treated my apartment.

5 on Google, 3/22/2018
By dandelionvip

5 on Facebook, 3/17/2018
By Zachary Ewert

5 on Facebook, 3/17/2018
By Geffry M. Gorman

5 on Google, 3/14/2018
By Sheila Foster

Very happy with Green Earth and Peter, my exterminator. They are friendly, thorough, and effective where other exterminators have not been I first called them in the Fall when we were having a pretty bad rodent problem. The building I live in (downtown Manhattan) had sent their exterminator company out numerous times. All they did was put down traps and poison. Yes they caught some mice but who likes the clean up? I was finally sick and tired of seeing them come out of nowhere (as was my entire family, including the dog!) and called Green Earth. Peter was thorough and effective. Spent at least a 2-2/12 hours finding out how they were getting in (mostly in the kitchen behind appliances and around pipes) and he sealed up everything really well. He went around my entire two floor apartment and sealed every possible entry point they might use. We did not see or hear them again for at 4-5 months. This spring we started seeing evidence of them again. It took a while to schedule a visit (they are busy!!) but Peter came back out and reassured me he would take care of it, which he did. He quickly pinpointed where they had made a new hole to gain entrance and put even more reinforcement and sealed them out. Once again, he was thorough and reinforced the entire house. I feel I can rest peacefully knowing they have taken care of the problem--hopefully for good.

5 on Google, 3/12/2018
By Erik Hendin

Great service from end-to-end

5 on Facebook, 1/24/2018
By Per von Scheele

David, one of the exterminators, is perfect, he a is punctual, patient, professional, polite pest controller. He deserves five stars.

5 on Google, 1/24/2018
By Per von Scheele

David, one of the exterminators, is perfect, he a is punctual, patient, professional, polite pest controller. He deserves five stars.

5 on Google, 1/23/2018
By annsaniam

5 on Google, 12/8/2017
By cristina spiridakis

I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Green Earth. Green Earth was so patient with my endless questions; everyone there is knowledgable, kind, prompt, and thorough. They assured me every step of the way, and gave me all of the tools and instructions that I needed to make this is painless as possible. I hope I never have to hire them again, but would do so in a heartbeat if I ever find myself dealing with bedbugs again and would recommend them to anyone in need.

5 on Google, 12/6/2017
By Joe Lamport

Excellent service! The technician was prompt, professional, and thorough. We are very pleased with the results, no more mice!!!

5 on Google, 11/2/2017
By Ayona Kennedy

Great service, super knowledgeable staff and very professional technicians. They tackled our bed bug infestation with a very thorough treatment plan and eliminated the problem quickly. I highly recommend Green Earth Pest

5 on Google, 10/20/2017
By Evan Roche

5 on Google, 10/13/2017
By Pat Baron

Green Earth is a pleasure to do business with. The office staff and field technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They have been nothing but committed to helping us resolve our issues in various buildings. As a property manager, we come in contact with many vendors that fall short on service and solutions. Green Earth has been up to our challenges so far. After 5 months of service I have nothing but good things to say about Green Earth. Hats off to Will, Kery and Pete.

5 on Google, 8/30/2017
By sahul hameed

5 on Google, 8/29/2017
By Joseph Tadros

5 on Google, 7/18/2017
By Frank Distefano

Very professional and knowledgeable personnel along with timely service as promised. Would surely use them again. Very pleased.

5 on Google, 7/17/2017
By Lucy V

The company was great. They were thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. They answer all of my questions and then gave me additional information for my own use during after care. Will, Kerry and Chelsea calmed my anxieties each and every time I spoke with them. And the exterminators themselves, Jay and Dave, were great! They explained to me what they would be doing to my home and what to expect when I return. It's unfortunate I came to this company with the issues I had in my home, but I couldn't have been more happier or satisfied with their service.

5 on Google, 6/28/2017
By Gianna Oriani

I had ICKY ants in my kitchen. Chelsea in the office was so helpful to get the exterminator (Matthew) to my house in 4 hours. My favorite part is that Matthew wore shoe covers, because I hate when workers walk into my house with shoes. Thank you Green Earth!!!!!!!!!!

5 on Google, 6/27/2017
By Makayla Costello

Great service. Thank you.

5 on Google, 6/26/2017
By Rene Dreifuss

Fantastic service and that they are eco friendly is a huge plus. I can't recommend the company highly enough.

5 on Google, 6/16/2017
By vivian kessedjian

Will was quick, efficient and explained the process in detail. Saw results almost instantly. I would definitely recommend Green Earth Pest Control.

5 on Google, 6/1/2017
By M Rubin

Friendly, knowledgeable no spray ! No odor or spray ! Relief for pregnant mom, toddler & pet home

5 on Google, 5/26/2017
By Cool Rakski

Very customer friendly office and professional and knowledgeable exterminators.

5 on Google, 5/25/2017
By devinder mathaundeinfante

Very professional and love that Green Earth Pest Control is echo friendly. I highly recommend them!

5 on Google, 5/25/2017
By Telma Santos

5 on Google, 5/25/2017
By Sam Rosenberg

5 on Google, 5/24/2017
By Fred Spike

Excellent service, super knowledgeable staff and very professional technicians. They tackled our bed bug infestation with a very thorough treatment plan and eliminated the problem quickly. I highly recommend Green Earth Pest. From the office staff to the technicians, these guys rock!!

5 on Google, 5/24/2017
By Matthew Rodriguez

I give Green earth pest control 5+ stars. Great company with a very knowledgeable staff. They helped me with all my questions and concerns prior to service. After the service my pest problems were gone ! I am a fully satisfied customer. Thank you guys at Green Earth Pest

5 on Google, 2/24/2017
By Tyler Geisel

Top notch customer service. Very concerned for how the customer feels. Highly recommend this company.

5 on Google, 1/12/2017
By Nuurvana Center

5 on Facebook, 12/5/2016
By Angel Basabe

5 on Google, 4/8/2016
By chucko Brando

From the excellent office staff to the service techs who visit my home, I highly recommend Green Earth, because after terrible experiences with other "pest experts", the pest situation in my apartment is finally under control.

5 on Facebook, 1/28/2016
By Tom Ball

Their knowledge and and love of the industry is very apparent. Great company and great people. Why would you ever want to use anyone else?

5 on Facebook, 12/25/2014
By Blaise Rufo

High quality pest control def would recommend their service to anyone

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Peter Michael Rothman

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Kamil Joz

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Will Leaton

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Devinder Mathaun de Infante

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Justin Alpert

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Gary Geiger

Awesome Company

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2014
By Peter Santos

The one and only pest control company in the tri-state area

5 on Google, 9/12/2014
By Edwin Kim

They really go above and beyond in what they do. I'm a property manager and I'm impressed. They will make sure the job gets done right.

5 on Facebook, 1/18/2014
By Diego Marino

5 on Facebook, 10/24/2013
By Bowshama July Prasetyo

5 on Facebook, 8/10/2013
By Will Mosley

5 on Facebook, 7/31/2013
By Chris Matheson

5 on Facebook, 6/13/2013
By Amine Minou Ma Mamia

5 on Facebook, 5/22/2013
By Susan Regina

5 on Facebook, 4/25/2013
By Cecil Stewart

5 on Facebook, 4/22/2013
By Hasan Odeh Allah

5 on Facebook, 11/16/2012
By Robin Miller

5 on Facebook, 11/15/2012
By Daniel Hallahan

5 on Google, 7/13/2012
By Kelli Hill

My husband and I just bought a new house and a couple of weeks after moving in we started seeing spider beetles everywhere. Of course I freaked because they resemble bed bugs - anyhow we called in an emergency exterminator who "diagnosed" the problem and "recommended" a treatment (we'll refer to them as "bad guys" from here on out). The problem was that their method of treatment was NOT accurate. Fast forward four visits and over $1,000 spent with the bad guys - I call GREEN EARTH PEST CONTROL because I'm at my wits end. Josh immediately provides accurate information over the phone, the first gem being that the treatment method used by the bad guys is not an effective way of treating spider beetles. He tells me to vacuum and also schedules a visit to treat our house. Low and behold, 2 weeks later after frequent vacuuming (all the nooks and crannies as Josh recommended) and just one visit from GREEN EARTH PEST CONTROL we haven't seen a spider beetle since. Green Earth Pest Control is lovely to work with, knowledgable and effective. We've already set up a standing monthly visit to prevent any future issues. -Kels

5 on Google, 5/22/2012
By A Google User

We had our 3-bedroom treated both for German cockroaches and for mice. In two months since then, I haven't seen the bugs again or any mice. They are courteous and diligent and they know what they are doing!

5 on Google, 4/23/2012
By A Google User

I was hearing mice inside my walls for a number of months. After speaking to Josh, he assured me that his technician would be able to take care of it. He was responsive, kind, and very helpful. The service was provided immediately and I stopped hearing the noises inside the walls. Although I did not meet the technician when he came, he targeted all areas of the apartment that I was hearing noises in and did not leave any out! He was clearly very thorough and I'm very happy with the result!