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5 on Google, 11/8/2019
By Sean Riley

5 on Google, 10/30/2019
By Geoff Lambert

Great product, great experience!

5 on Google, 10/18/2019
By Grant Romney

5 on Google, 9/4/2019
By Justin Thompson

Reveo is an awesome software that helped our company get reviews online for google and facebook. Support was easy and Eric always responds when I have questions.

5 on Google, 9/4/2019
By Priscilla Love

Very nice company!

5 on Google, 3/28/2019
By Eric Trudell

Awesome service!!!

5 on Google, 3/25/2019
By Robert Bowen

5 on Google, 11/8/2018
By Joe Callahan

Our business Four Seasons Insurance Agency, Inc. has been working with Reveo for a couple of years now and they've helped make a very positive impact on our online rankings. I highly recommend them!

5 on Facebook, 10/11/2018
By Jason Myrup

Eric and Mark are easy to work with, and being able to ask for and manage reviews is easier than ever.

5 on Google, 7/30/2018
By Grill

Reveo's review platform has made all of the difference in us being able to get reviews easily.

5 on Google, 6/4/2018
By Paul Howell

Great product! Has helped me connect better with my clients to get their feedback.

5 on Google, 4/6/2018
By Luke Heinecke

Reveo looks and feels nicer than some of the other software we were using and it costs about half of what we were paying before. Another plus to working with Reveo is their top notch customer service. Overall its been a great experience. I highly recommend you give them a try!

5 on Google, 3/7/2018
By Jennifer Alonso

Great product! I always knew that we had customers who loved our company and would leave us good reviews if they just had a simple way to it. Reveo gave us that!

5 on Google, 2/21/2018
By Nik Jones

5 on Google, 1/26/2018
By Josh Holley

We've been using the Root Reviews for 3 months and it has really helped our business. We tried all kinds of things to get reviews and it was hard and tough. We are now getting 10 + reviews a month. We've had multiple customers come in and say that they chose us because of all the great reviews. I would recommend this to all business owners.

5 on Google, 10/31/2017
By Mike Bierman

Root reviews is an invaluable resource for our business. Reputation management is one of the most important things a business owner can manage in this enviroment. Root reviews has helped us capture more reviews in a simpler way. Thanks

5 on Google, 10/26/2017
By BRYan Rizzle

We are more than Satisfied with our results with Root review. In just 2 weeks we have been able to get 16 of our buyers to leave reviews. Wow are u kidding.? Also great Customer support. Can't imagine how many we would have had already if we knew of them sooner. Cars 4 U Knoxville Tn

5 on Google, 10/19/2017
By Dallin Dickert

These guys are all awesome!!

5 on Google, 10/19/2017
By Daniel Davis

This service is awesome. Couldn’t believe how many real reviews I got because of a simple text

5 on Google, 10/19/2017
By Daniel Davis

Great service. Got tons of reviews and I’ve been getting more people saying they found me on google or I had such great reviews. Thanks guys!

5 on Google, 10/19/2017
By Danny Davis

Súper simple great service. Friendly sales men! Highly recommend

5 on Google, 7/17/2017
By Gina Buckway

Eric Bowen and Mark Glade at Root Reviews are awesome! Have them help you with your business reviews.

5 on Google, 7/5/2017
By Veloy Cook


5 on Google, 5/15/2017
By Grant Brimhall

Awesome tech! Reviews are easy to come by.

5 on Google, 5/9/2017
By James Powell

My experience was wonderful!!!

5 on Google, 5/2/2017
By Sean O'Neill

Great experience with rootreviews! This service makes reviewing our dealership (Haus Auto Group) much easier for our customers. Mark Glad did a great job and I definitely recommend this service to anyone that wants to push Google reviews for their business.

5 on Google, 4/25/2017
By Scott Stanger

5 on Google, 3/8/2017
By robert hicks

5 on Google, 3/8/2017
By Joshua Ramsey

Ok. Cool

5 on Google, 2/2/2017
By Jud Burkett

5 on Google, 1/26/2017
By brian hawks

Roots Reviews has been great to work with. Have always been very impressed with the support given for the service they offer.

5 on Google, 1/17/2017
By Steve Kirchen

This has been a great company to work with. I went from never being able to get reviews on my site to getting 27 in three months. My click through rate on reviews is 60% so it has been really effective for us. Steve Kirchen

5 on Google, 1/14/2017
By Jay Barbar

Root reviews is a great tool to build your reviews base. Just making life easier to reach out to consumers who tried our service. Easy to use, time saver, and above all good customer service that support all users Thank you for being a great help to a Denver area Car dealership

5 on Google, 1/13/2017
By Andrew Stauffer

Root Reviews has been awesome to work with. They have bent over backwards to get us comfortable with the program.

5 on Google, 12/24/2016
By Bruce Remund

5 on Google, 12/24/2016
By Justin Ruuth

As a business owner we rely on good reviews from our customers to help build our business. Root Reviews has been a valuable asset to our company as it has simplified the process in which we obtain reviews. Kalen and his team have been excellent to work with. I recommend them to other business owners I know and meet on a daily basis. Thanks Root Reviews!

5 on Google, 12/21/2016
By Bip Orgill

Just a lovely experience working with Eric. I'll be back for sure!

5 on Google, 12/13/2016
By Stacey West

This is great!

5 on Google, 11/15/2016
By Richard Meador

5 on Google, 11/11/2016
By Tyler Sperry

It was a really fun and great experience and Yes it was moving, shocking! Right?

5 on Google, 10/28/2016
By Jaroslav Doubrava

Great company and prone to work with. Would recommend to others.

5 on Google, 10/12/2016
By Robert Meier


5 on Google, 9/7/2016
By Justin Thompson

Using this software is so easy and has proven to be a simple and very effective way to receive reviews from our Clients. The cost for their service makes this a no brainer business decision!! I definitely recommend it!!

5 on Google, 8/16/2016
By Adam Phillips

Awesome company

5 on Google, 7/29/2016

The BEST dashboard I have seen, easy to use and very effective. Just Search Jackson Insurance Services in Salt Lake City and see the results we have by using Root Reviews, 15 Reviews in THREE DAYS!!! Oh, did I mention the use of the dashboard is effortless. Just enter the choice customers smartphone number and/or email and start building positive reviews across the board, Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. The text message received look professional with logo, message and a simple link. Root Reviews is a time saver!