Reveo's review platform has made all of the difference in us being able to get reviews easily.
Paul Howell  
Great product! Has helped me connect better with my clients to get their feedback.
Luke Heinecke  
Reveo looks and feels nicer than some of the other software we were using and it costs about half of what we were paying before. Another plus to working with Reveo is their top notch customer service. Overall its been a great experience. I highly recommend you give them a try!
Jennifer Alonso  
Great product! I always knew that we had customers who loved our company and would leave us good reviews if they just had a simple way to it. Reveo gave us that!
Nik Jones  
jessica hopper  
I had the pleasure of working with Brandon and Mark at Reveo. Brandon, in sales, was very knowledgeable, personable, and made sure he explained everything to me in a way I understood. Mark, one of the Directors, was also very helpful in making sure I knew about upcoming changes and how they worked. The followup was great as well. They worked with my company to help me get the best price for the service possible and it has tripled the amount of reviews that come in. I would definitely recommend Reveo to anyone who could benefit from it. Thank you.
Josh Holley  
We've been using the Root Reviews for 3 months and it has really helped our business. We tried all kinds of things to get reviews and it was hard and tough. We are now getting 10 + reviews a month. We've had multiple customers come in and say that they chose us because of all the great reviews. I would recommend this to all business owners.
Geoff Lambert  
Awesome Facebook test!
Mike Bierman  
Root reviews is an invaluable resource for our business. Reputation management is one of the most important things a business owner can manage in this enviroment. Root reviews has helped us capture more reviews in a simpler way. Thanks
BRYAN Milam  
We are more than Satisfied with our results with Root review. In just 2 weeks we have been able to get 16 of our buyers to leave reviews. Wow are u kidding.? Also great Customer support. Can't imagine how many we would have had already if we knew of them sooner.
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