5 on Google, 11/25/2019
By Eugenio Perez

Les recomiendo a Franz porque nos atendio muy bien y nos esplico todo perfectamente para agarrar nuestra aseguransa para auto...la verdad se los recomiendo a todos ..tiene muy Buena actitud y sobre todo buenos precios 👍

5 on Google, 11/22/2019
By Aron Perez

Excelente atencion al cliente, muy atento y te ayuda a encontran el mejor servicio que buscas,les recomiendo al agente Franz,👍

5 on Google, 11/22/2019
By Ruth Castillo

Thank You, Josh Sandoval for the great customer service you've provided to our company. we appreciate it

5 on Google, 11/22/2019
By Giovana Sanchez

Frank S. Siempre es super atento conmigo siempre me ayuda en todo y siempre es muy amable conmigo 👏🙂gracias

5 on Facebook, 11/21/2019
By Atenogenes Lopes

excelente cervicio Franz servan se Los recomiendo

5 on Facebook, 11/21/2019
By Vivi Latorre

muy amables todos .. gracias por todo franz muy amable

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2019
By Pacheco Alexandro

Excelente servicio se los recomiendo franz servan les puede ayudar son muy amables gracias

5 on Google, 11/19/2019
By Diana Gabriela Luyo Rodriguez

Franz is amazing! She took her time to go through all of my options and help me find the best coverage for me I appreciate everything she did for me! Best customer Services ever!

5 on Google, 11/19/2019
By shelbie singletary

5 on Google, 11/14/2019
By Alex Salkay

Excellent service every time.

5 on Google, 11/14/2019
By Yanet Ortega

Estamos muy contentos con el servicio excelente que nos han dado, es una de las mejores aseguradoras.

5 on Google, 11/12/2019
By Christina Lafaele

5 on Facebook, 11/11/2019
By Berna Trinidad

Se. Los. Recomiendo. Muy. Buena. Persona. Te. Alluda con. Tu. Aseguransa. Es. Muy. Amabre. Gracias. Al. Pago. Menos. Ke. Tengan. Un. Lindo. Dia

5 on Facebook, 11/8/2019
By Yoselin Castillo

Exelente servicio, te ayuda con todo lo que nesesites!

5 on Google, 11/8/2019
By Eduardo Ruiz

5 on Facebook, 11/8/2019
By Karina Pareja

Best insurance agency! Great people to helpme what kind of insurance car fits for me , Thanks to Franz Servan who helpme to understand and be patient with me , and I absolutely recommend to my friends and family , thanks again 🙏

5 on Facebook, 11/7/2019
By Araceli Cortez

Franz siempre me atiende bien

5 on Google, 11/7/2019
By Sean Weaver

You guys really work with you

5 on Google, 11/6/2019
By Stephanie Gutierrez

I worked with Franz today and he was so helpful and was able to set me up in a new insurance plan within less than an hour. He answered all my questions and even texted me personally to thank me. Funny, I should be thanking him. Great customer service and communication. Thanks Franz!

5 on Facebook, 11/6/2019
By Katty Ordoñez

I would love to recommend Franz Servan. he was very helpful and since the very beginning he was very polite and efficient. I needed another Insurance urgently and he gave me a quote in less than 30 minutes and, when I made my mind he processed my insurance in less than 30 minutes, best agent ever ! super recommend him. thank you so much Franz!:)

5 on Google, 11/3/2019
By Alberto Gonzalez

Te atienden bien y buscan siempre una mejor opcion para ti

5 on Facebook, 10/30/2019
By Compa Guzman

the kindness of the person who attends to you and helps you in what you are looking for with your insurance

5 on Google, 10/28/2019
By pets and toys forever

Very good service of Franz Servant

5 on Google, 10/28/2019
By Spencer Oakden

So helpful and fast

5 on Google, 10/26/2019
By Zak Butterfield

Best place to get insurance with!!

5 on Facebook, 10/24/2019
By Alexandra Vivas

Thank you Franz your good attitude and you helped a lot!

5 on Google, 10/24/2019
By Ale Gutierrez

5 on Google, 10/23/2019
By Marty Wilcox

Nice staff and great service

5 on Google, 10/19/2019
By Brandon Denning

Disappointed with the level of customer service with this agency. 2 of the "four season" agents left the high road and became emotional and personal. I would be fired or written up if I ever responded like these two agents did. I could care less now about the actual issue as I'm mostly shocked with what the employees at this company are able to get away with saying. I won't even be surprised if they respond to this review with another rude, verbose response. Loyal customer for over a decade means nothing once there's a problem that appears. Can no longer trust them to back me up in a car accident.

5 on Google, 10/17/2019
By Tania Granados

5 on Google, 10/15/2019
By april smith

I was getting jerked around by my insurance company, Franz helped me out so much getting me a lower payment that was actually manageable. Friendly and very helpful will definitely recommend to family and friends

5 on Facebook, 10/14/2019
By Araceli Cortez

Frank metendio muy bien gracias

5 on Google, 10/14/2019
By Trey Borley

Normally helped in a timely manner! Insured for over one year now!

5 on Google, 10/14/2019
By Erika Perez

5 on Facebook, 10/14/2019
By Herika Hernandez

Muy buena agencia de aseguranza

5 on Google, 10/14/2019
By Lucero Perez

5 on Google, 10/13/2019
By Sean Weaver

Professional personable and efficient absolutely love working with these guys

5 on Google, 10/8/2019
By Rodrigo Huallanca

Such a great service!

5 on Google, 10/6/2019
By Josie Carrillo

Customer service is excellent..

5 on Google, 9/27/2019
By Karla Martinez

We have been going to Four Seasons Insurance for years, my husband and I just recently bundled our auto and home insurance through them and Josh got us 900 is savings with Travlers! I would definitely recommend them to all my family members and friends. Everyone is supper nice and they actually want to help you save on insurance!

5 on Google, 9/23/2019
By Rees Torres

buenas tardes mi nombre es Ranee y quiero explicarles de mi experiencia con four seasons muy hamables se portaron conmigo .el señor Franz me explico paso a paso sobre mi poliza los beneficios que tengo realmente me ayudo mucho gracias. les recomiendo four seasons

5 on Google, 9/22/2019
By torts yt

5 on Facebook, 9/17/2019
By Carlos Salazar

Franz was great! Always goes the extra mile.

5 on Google, 9/14/2019
By Maria Plata

5 on Facebook, 9/12/2019
By Maria Mejia

Gracias Josh Sandoval por ayudarme con mi nueva póliza excelente servicio. Si buscan un buen servicio contáctense con el sabrá ayudarles y buscará las mejores opciones para seguros de auto.

5 on Facebook, 9/11/2019
By José Dell

Excellent attention and always willing to resolve or clarify any questions or concerns about insurance coverage and the best way to manage this resource. Thank you very much Franz for your attention.

5 on Google, 9/10/2019
By Victor Cuellar

5 on Google, 9/10/2019
By Marlene Treto

I have dealt with Josh Sandoval for my personal and business policies, and couldn’t be happier! He’s always very clear, professional, and kind.

5 on Google, 9/6/2019
By Brenan Gale

Joe and his team at Four Seasons Insurance provide excellent customer service and good pricing on insurance. We use them for commercial, home and auto. I definitely recommend.

5 on Google, 9/5/2019
By Michelle Fullmer

Joe is always so helpful! He gets me everything I need for our Commercial Policy right away, even when I run him ragged. Give him a try, you won't be sorry!

5 on Facebook, 9/4/2019
By Mariam Mudung

Franz was awesome, She took my worries away when I had to fax in my SR-22 forms to DMV. She got it done for me within minutes

5 on Google, 9/4/2019
By Lisa Pace

I called to speak with Tom Jr. I didn't ever get a call back and was disappointed but I Have had a great experience several times. I still wish Tom Jr. would return my call.

5 on Google, 8/29/2019
By Joe Valdez

5 on Google, 8/27/2019
By maideline viguerias

First insurance company I ever worked with & May I say the worst one to begin with . Did not inform me of fee when updating address, misinformed me about grace period and has continued to misinform me after cancelling policy . Had to directly find insurance company number myself and get it taken care of myself . 10/10 do not recommend, there are definitely other company's with cheaper quotes. This company is suppose to be helping out but instead it’s causing people to get in more debt by saying things such as “we don’t receive that info check what they mail you monthly “ and as a result to that having fees for things they should be aware of if they’re supposedly working with the insurance company .

5 on Google, 8/27/2019
By Denny Acevedo

Muy buena atención, se preocupan por buscar la mejor opción para el cliente, Franz es muy atento aclaró y resolvió todas mis dudas muy rápidamente los recomiendo altamente.

5 on Google, 8/21/2019
By niklaus hess

5 on Google, 8/18/2019
By Nawil Boscan

Excelente servicio y atención de parte Franz, muy responsable y siempre busca la mejor opción para uno!! 100% recomendado

5 on Facebook, 8/12/2019
By Wendee Rodriguez

Franz is totally the best and so helpful. He makes your entire experience so easy and truly cares about your best interest. He has really saved me with my insurance countless times! I will always recommend him to all I know!! He is amazing !

5 on Google, 8/12/2019
By Nancy Guzman

I went in today looking for affordable insurance and Franz was so great he was very helpful and worked to help me save on car insurance. I left very happy and will recommend him anytime.

5 on Google, 8/2/2019
By Lynn Worwood

Franz was very helpful and got the changes to my auto policy made quickly. Great service!

5 on Facebook, 8/2/2019
By Brenda Isabel

Franz is Absolutely the very best of the best!!! The service he provides is amazing!!! I highly recommend him and four seasons insurance! He is always so helpful and super fast! I am very happy with the services 😊 Thank you Franz for everything!!

5 on Google, 7/29/2019
By Isaac Varela

They help me a lot in selecting a insurance that would work with me. Thank you to franz

5 on Google, 7/29/2019
By Hollie Henrie

Always a great experience with four seasons! They've always had our personal and family needs at the top of their list!!! I worked with Franz today and he got everything done, from start to finish in less than an hour!! I talked to Kyla on Friday and she was very patient, answered all my questions, and I had a lot of them, she did extra research for me and seriously helped a ton!! Thanks Four Seasons for covering everything, literally!

5 on Google, 7/9/2019
By Juliann Johanson

5 on Google, 6/27/2019
By oscr wilie

terrible horrible experience. removed insurance 3 .5 weeks before next bill due, for reasons they could not explain. with ZERO warning or notice. then with large words , jargon, declared there was nothing they could do.

5 on Google, 6/26/2019
By Ned Yazzie

5 on Google, 6/26/2019
By Angela Sorenson

5 on Google, 6/5/2019
By Norma Garcia

5 on Google, 6/1/2019
By Veronica Garcia

Muy buenos precios pero no ayudan lo suficiente cuando se necesita hable me hicieron esperar en linea y de repente me colgaron y llame otra ves y no contestaron Claro ya iban a cerrar pero si ese era el problema eso hubieran dicho y no hacerme esperar en linea nadamas!!!

5 on Facebook, 5/21/2019
By Anthony Castro Segura

I was able to have Josh with Four Season help me out with a process I tried doing on my own and wasn’t getting any where. I got insurance within about three days of emailing him and it was quite easy! Thank you Josh at Four Seasons!

5 on Google, 5/20/2019
By Shabir baher

I am with 4 season for the lasy 7years .they are great and very helpful.

5 on Google, 5/17/2019
By Cass Atiga

Worked with Franz to update my car insurance for a new car and it was quick and easy and he was so friendly and helpful. Four Seasons has been nothing but amazing with anything I have contacted them about and I would recommend them to any/everyone!

5 on Google, 5/15/2019
By Amanda Laloni

5 on Google, 5/13/2019
By Yurelkys Cristo Rodriguez

We purchased a General Liability Insurance policy for our business from Four Seasons Insurance. We had Insurance Agent Josh Sandoval help us out. He has been amazing with all of our business insurance needs.

5 on Google, 5/7/2019
By Emily Jones

My agent Nathan gave me the best quote and has been 100% honest with me from the start. So happy I made the switch!

5 on Facebook, 5/2/2019
By Vincent L Schulte

Got me the best quote for vehicle insurance.

5 on Google, 4/30/2019
By Isaac Maeda

Josh was super helpful! They helped me insure my company and I would recommend their services to anyone.

5 on Google, 4/26/2019
By NsK Suorin

5 on Facebook, 4/19/2019
By Enrique Gonzales

His fast response & politeness

5 on Google, 4/9/2019
By Lesieli Tautuiaki

Josh was able to find what I needed and help me to get insurance with no hassle. Thanks for your help Josh

5 on Google, 4/7/2019
By bear bully


5 on Facebook, 4/2/2019
By Araceli Cortez

Buenos precios, gracias Franz.

5 on Google, 3/29/2019
By Ashley Mehdy

Absolutely horrible experience. Very unprofessional customer service. They had no idea what was going on with paperwork they were supposed to have sent in two months ago which resulted in our insurance being cancelled not once but twice! We were completely brushed aside like it wasn't a big deal! I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS INSURANCE AGENCY! I am very upset and disappointed that they acted like them losing paperwork was not a big problem.

5 on Google, 3/29/2019
By Karen Pardo

Me ayudo en todo el proceso Franz... Me pareció una excelente experiencia y atención, te facilitan todo el trámite para que lo hagas por teléfono o si quieres en la oficina, te ayudan a buscar el mejor precio la mejor solución es una de las mejores opciones súper recomendada!!

5 on Google, 3/27/2019
By Stevie Good

5 on Google, 3/27/2019
By gwen hensley

Franz was super helpful, saving me $$$ and taking care of the whole process for me!

5 on Google, 3/26/2019
By Danna Brisbane

Been with these guys for a long time

5 on Google, 3/21/2019
By sherrie vargas

I called and emelda helped me save a lot it was a good experience emelda was very friendly and helpful.

5 on Google, 3/18/2019
By Vale Valeria

5 on Google, 3/18/2019
By Lynn T

Franz was professional, friendly and has great customer service. I needed to get insurance for my truck. He was patient & very helpful. He got me the best low rates possible. I will definitely refer my family & friends here. I’m very satisfied!

5 on Google, 3/15/2019
By Hassan Soweidan

Josh was great , I love the way they work easy and simple they have great coverage and cheapest insurance.

5 on Google, 3/15/2019
By Sebastian Sanchez

5 on Google, 3/12/2019
By Sarah Morris

Friendly service and cheapest insurance I could find .

5 on Google, 3/6/2019
By Emma Perez

5 on Google, 3/5/2019
By luz medrano

Franz was able to find the best rate with higher coverages, he was fast and attentive. I recommend Four Seasons Insurance Agency for all insurance needs. They are the BEST!

5 on Google, 3/1/2019
By Maria Plata

They are the best!!! I’m happy to have my three cars insurance with them because they work with the best Insurance Companies, they also are very nice and friendly. Just the Best.

5 on Facebook, 2/25/2019
By Kristen Carling

My brother has been working with Tom from Four Seasons for years now, so when my husband and I needed to get new auto insurance a few months ago, we gave him a call. I’m so happy we did. He was able to find us a policy that is $100/month less than we were paying for the same exact coverage. I just wish I had called him sooner. I plan to give him a call soon to see what he can do for our homeowners policy. I’m sure he’ll be able to save us some money there, too. So if you also want to save some money, give Tom a call. You won’t be sorry.

5 on Google, 2/25/2019
By Kristen Carling

My brother has been working with Tom from Four Seasons for years now, so when my husband and I needed to get new auto insurance a few months ago, we gave him a call. I’m so happy we did. He was able to find us a policy that is $100/month less than we were paying for the same exact coverage. I just wish I had called him sooner. I plan to give him a call soon to see what he can do for our homeowners policy. I’m sure he’ll be able to save us some money there, too. So if you also want to save some money, give Tom a call. You won’t be sorry.

5 on Facebook, 2/24/2019
By Lynne Ryan Barren

My husband and I talked seriously about getting supplemental earthquake insurance due to all of the recent activity in Utah County. I contacted Joe via Facebook and he quickly got back to me. He was very friendly, courteous and took our concerns to heart. We now have earthquake insurance as well as the peace of mind that comes with added security! I would definitely give Four Seasons and Joe five stars... I highly recommend...

5 on Google, 2/21/2019
By Bailey Santistevan

Nathan saved me money on car insurance!

5 on Google, 2/21/2019
By LG417 LG417

Great people of salt lake city don't waste your time looking around for other insurance places, I already did my homework and for you also, it's a jungle out there, like I said don't waste your time somewhere else "time is gold" stop by here and ask for Nate, I highly recommend Nate, he helped me get the best deal on my truck, awesome place.

5 on Google, 2/20/2019
By Yolanda Trujillo

5 on Facebook, 2/8/2019
By Domingo Antonio Maldonado

They’re Superb always taking care of their clients with a great response and personalize helping efforts specially with , Imelda Ruiz, she’s a five stars agent always willing to help . I strongly recommends Seguros Para Hispanos.

5 on Google, 1/31/2019
By Javier Perez

Imelfa did such a great job!

5 on Google, 1/28/2019
By Sierra Goodfellow

Nate was awesome! He's helped me throughout the years and always reccomemds him.

5 on Google, 1/25/2019
By V M

Imelda was very nice, and patient with me. I was in and out in less than 15 mins with coverage that exceeded my expectations. Thank you miss Ruiz.

5 on Google, 1/23/2019
By Mikel Gutknecht

Not a bad company.

5 on Google, 1/19/2019
By Adolfo C Diaz

Un servicio muy amable, educado y siempre con la mejor disposición para el cliente. Josh y Laura siempre me han proporcionado la mejor atención.

5 on Google, 1/18/2019
By Michael Coltrin

What a way to be treated. Thanks Nathan for getting things done for me. He walked me through the process with ease, and the knowledge needed to get the best policy with the lowest price for my situation. Long wait times on call-ins, and call-backs, but it’s just because they are so busy.

5 on Google, 1/18/2019
By Leo Patino

5 on Google, 1/17/2019
By Diana Sanchez

Everything is quick and efficient!! All done over phone! :)

5 on Facebook, 1/16/2019
By Maria Castro

Laura Jenkins es un excellente agente de seguros, me alludo con mi poliza de auto facil,rapido y economico, buen trabajo Laura.

5 on Facebook, 1/16/2019
By Miguelita Hernandez

El servicio es excelente y el precio fue lo mejor, gracias Imelda.

5 on Google, 1/15/2019
By Serghei Bivol

Kyla Callahan is super nice,thank you very much for your help,Serghei Bivol.

5 on Facebook, 1/15/2019
By Hokunani Kekahuna

Josh is great! Very professional and kind. Five stars and two thumbs way up!

5 on Google, 1/7/2019
By Gloria Arteaga

5 on Google, 1/4/2019
By Ana Suastegui

5 on Google, 1/3/2019
By Adriana Rivas

5 on Facebook, 1/3/2019
By Adriana Lisbeth Rivas Rivas

Rápida y eficiente. Los recomiendo

5 on Google, 1/3/2019

5 on Google, 1/2/2019
By Lizeth grajeda

5 on Google, 12/19/2018
By Elena Taofi

5 on Google, 12/18/2018
By Dustin Miller

I have known the Callahan’s for years. They are good people and have a true understanding of products that will help your family when you need it the most!!

5 on Google, 12/18/2018
By Travis Domben

No hassle and great customer service. Easy to get Sr22 coverage too!

5 on Google, 12/16/2018
By Mary Ramo

Muy bien experiencia al ser atendida x franz

5 on Google, 12/14/2018
By Claudia Rivera

Me atendio Franz fue muy amable Exelente Servicio al cliente por parte de el

5 on Google, 12/11/2018
By Mizraim Añorve

franz servan me ayudo a encontrar la poliza que nsesecitaba

5 on Google, 12/4/2018
By Marnie Dale

Helpful, quick and saved me money !!

5 on Google, 11/30/2018
By Vanessa Holm

Josh helped me obtain my insurance at a very reasonable price. good customer service.

5 on Google, 11/30/2018
By Fia Feletafi

Imelda Ruiz is very helpful and friendly. I purchased a policy recently and totally recommend Four Seasons for your insurance needs.

5 on Google, 11/30/2018
By Pedro Lopez

Excelente servicio al cliente de mi Agente Josh Sandoval!

5 on Google, 11/28/2018
By Tom Whiteman jr

Tom's a good guy thanks buddy

5 on Google, 11/14/2018
By Anggie Vera

Iam very satisfied with the customer service I received today by Franz , very helpful.❤☺

5 on Facebook, 11/9/2018
By Deishia Seui

franz is the man! goes the extra mile to help clients! 👏🏼

5 on Google, 11/8/2018
By Bran Ristic

We at Exclusive Luxury Transportation love Four Seasons Insurance team. They have been always available to us, willing to listen, and to do whatever we needed. I highly recommend them to everyone! Great company to work with and above all very personable. Great job guys!

5 on Google, 10/31/2018
By Tomas Mendez

Excelente Servicio al cliente y profecionalismo. Imelda Ruiz me ayudo a optemer mi seguro de auto. Recomendado 100 %

5 on Google, 10/31/2018
By Olga Obando

Mi nombre es Olga Obando. El día de hoy me atendió Josh Sandoval en La Ciudad de Taylorsville Utah, me brindo un muy buen servicio, recomiendo la agencia de seguros Four Seasons.

5 on Facebook, 10/31/2018
By Gaby Obando

Es una buena compañía de seguros, brindan un muy buen servicio.

5 on Facebook, 10/5/2018
By Mary Ann DeVries

We have been with Four Seasons for the past 5 years and never intend on leaving. They are all so easy to work with! Nathan is always willing to answer questions and accommodate any changes we need, which happens frequently with teen drivers.

5 on Google, 10/5/2018
By Annie Devries

We have had nothing but awesome interaction with all of the staff at Four Seasons. Jeff, Joe, Nathan, and Kyla have been helping us with all of our insurance policies for 5 years. We couldn't be happier with our service and the policies we purchase. Thank you Four Seasons for making it so easy to want to be your clients!

5 on Google, 10/3/2018
By Jennifer Barclay

5 on Facebook, 10/3/2018
By Lina Zuluaga

Franz is just incredible, I can totally recommend him as an agent of service. When he was helping he was attending all of my questions. Thanks so much franz.

5 on Google, 10/3/2018
By jeremy merlette

Get customer friendly company. Jeff is the best customer service persone I have ever experienced. He goes above and beyond to help me achieve my needs.

5 on Google, 10/3/2018
By Enrique Soto

I recently reviewed the office at Taylorsville, complaining that no one answered the phones on a Saturday afternoon, 30 minutes before closing, but I received a phone call on Monday and given an explanation, therefore I am changing my review to a better one. Besides the unsuccessful call, my experience with them has always been positive; Four Seasons has been my car insurance provider for a few years and they gave me a great rate and excellent service every time.

5 on Facebook, 10/3/2018
By Maria Mejia

Son muy amables y eficientes gracias x ayudarme a encontrar seguro para mi carro Franz

5 on Google, 9/25/2018
By Grey Boscan

Me atendió franz, me solucionó súper rápido, si necesitan un seguro se los recomiendo, es muy amable, atento y responsable

5 on Google, 9/13/2018
By alicia hechavarria

Fui atendida por Franz magnifico agente, muy cortes y diligente

5 on Facebook, 9/13/2018
By Brigette Carmona Juarez

Only on month #3 working with Four Season Insurance but they are amazing. Always so courteous and helpful. Franz Servan is so great to work with! I’ve had to bug him a few times with some questions and he is always so willing to help and answers super quickly! I’d recommend him to anybody!!

5 on Google, 9/10/2018
By Benny Hernandez

5 on Google, 8/31/2018
By Yessi Aguilar

I recommend Four Seasons Insurance to everyone. Imelda Ruiz saved me time and money. I was able to get a good rate on my auto insurance policy.

5 on Google, 8/29/2018
By Frank Larreal

Franz really help me to get a lower price on my current car insurance explains will detailed my policy thank 😀

5 on Google, 8/28/2018
By Milena Salazar

5 on Facebook, 8/28/2018
By Milena Salazar


5 on Google, 8/25/2018
By Abdul Haidari

HATE IT IT, went their for insurance they told us a lower price and when they get money it was doubled, really bad experience, LIER AND BAD INSURANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

5 on Google, 8/25/2018
By Haji Muhammad

Four Seasons Insurance is not good

5 on Google, 8/25/2018
By My little princess


5 on Google, 8/20/2018
By Elia Garcia

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By Luis Roman

I always go to Joshua Sandoval because he helps me out a lot with my car insurance and my renters insurance.He's really polite and respectful

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By Kimberly Fregoso

Amazing place! Josh Sandoval helped me get great car and renters insurance at a very cheap price. I definitely recomend him!

5 on Facebook, 8/3/2018
By Sherrie Bates

I am in awe!! Awesome to work with you Joe and Nate the great!!! Thanks for your professionalism!

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By Brittany Butterfield

I highly recommend Four Seasons Insurance. I had the pleasure of working with Jennyfer Callahan who was able to find me the best rate for my family and save us money. She always answers my phone calls and is very informative and kind!

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By rob cluff

Jennyfer has been amazing to work with.

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By Destiny Moa

Jennyfer Callahan is an amazing agent, she has helped us multiple times with our insurance to make sure we get the best plan for our family.

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By Walter Redwood

Buena experiencia, Josh Sandoval nos atendió muy bien. Muchas Gracias.

5 on Facebook, 7/25/2018
By Brenda Isabel

I received excellent customer service Franz Servan was amazing and he was so fast at helping me, right away he helped me! And he was definetly very nice and is a friendly person, Thanks Franz!

5 on Google, 7/24/2018
By Jonathan Murcia

I am happy having business with you. You have been very helpful with all my questions and it's been nice to know I have a good company I can rely on.

5 on Facebook, 7/19/2018
By Don-Maricor Strong

I have been working with Josh Sandoval for 3 years! Great customer service!

5 on Facebook, 7/16/2018
By Ricardo Alvarez

Me encanto el servicio, precios bajos, lo recomiendo con Laura Jenkins

5 on Facebook, 7/15/2018
By Luis Hernandez

Laura is the one of the best customer service, very friendly and helpful

5 on Facebook, 7/15/2018
By Shezell Edmundson

Great service wich Laura Jenkins �

5 on Google, 7/13/2018
By Juan Rojas

Una buena persona fran me atendio muy bien gracias a el muchas gracias

5 on Facebook, 7/11/2018
By Yubitza Coca de Perez

El servicio.es muy bueno ,la atencion muy eficiente con la señorita Laura Jenkins la cual me ayudo con todo lo necesario con mi seguro y me ahorro dinero.Gracias.5☆

5 on Facebook, 7/11/2018
By Gabriela Perez

If you are looking for insurance. I recommend you to talk to Laura, she is very professional and provides excellent customer service.

5 on Facebook, 6/29/2018
By Donny Castro

Muchas gracias franz por tu buen servicio y atencion Yo recomiendo a franz y atodo el equipo de trabajo.

5 on Google, 6/29/2018
By John Dodge

cheap insurance with alex

5 on Google, 6/29/2018
By Luz Dias

Imelda was a nice

5 on Google, 6/29/2018
By A Google User

Alex did a great job

5 on Google, 6/26/2018
By Tatiana Brown

Good deals

5 on Google, 6/26/2018
By Carlos Marquez

The insurance agent that helped me was Imelda Ruiz. She was extremely helpful in helping me find the best coverage for my cars. I would recommend to my family and friends.

5 on Google, 6/14/2018
By Christina Lafaele

5 on Facebook, 6/14/2018
By Liz Morales

Me atendieron muy rápido, la atención que tuve con Franz fue excelente ya que me explico pasó a paso y me ayudó mucho a buscar la mejor opción �

5 on Google, 6/7/2018
By Valeria Terrazas

Franz Servan was great. Hehelped me get all the documents I needed in a timely manner. Great Service. Thank you!

5 on Google, 6/3/2018
By Jennifer Hamblin

5 on Google, 6/1/2018
By Enrique Ramos

I was able to get an amazing deal on insurance thanks to alex

5 on Google, 6/1/2018
By Victor Hernandez

Alex me encontro un seguro bueno.

5 on Google, 5/31/2018
By Jessica Johnson

Jennyfer Callahan was friendly and easy to talk to. She answered all my questions.

5 on Google, 5/31/2018
By Maria Martinez

I highly recommend Four Seasons Insurance. Imelda Ruiz helped with all my insurance needs.

5 on Facebook, 5/25/2018
By Zalma Janeth Cano

Tengo poco en esta aseguranza y el agente Franz Servan

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Dustin Romero

I've been working with Josh for over five years now. They've always worked hard to get the right coverage for my business at a good price. I have a food cart and a lot of companies don't want the hassle of dealing with a non standard business, but I've always found this Four Seasons to be eager for my business and willing to help.

5 on Google, 5/21/2018
By Elizabeth Duenas

I always have the best experience here! Josh always helps me with anything I need no matter how big or how small. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

5 on Google, 5/9/2018
By Edward Munoz

Josh Sandoval thanks for your awesome service. Really fast !!!!

5 on Google, 5/8/2018
By Roberto Juarez

We would highly recommended Four Season Insurance, they are always very professional and trying to find the best rates, we just recently renewed our insurance and Franz Servan was very helpful and knowledgeable ,we were really impressed.

5 on Facebook, 5/2/2018
By Laura Beth

I have been with 4 seasons for around 8 years. I have worked with Nate Snider and he has been the best!!!! I would highly recommend this company.

5 on Google, 4/30/2018
By Denise Marques

Imelda did a good job on my policy

5 on Google, 4/30/2018
By Tina Desoto

I was able to get affordable insurance thanks to alex

5 on Google, 4/30/2018
By Gale Lohan

Alex was very helpful

5 on Facebook, 4/30/2018
By Patty Ann Reynolds

5 on Google, 4/30/2018
By Lugerini Soto

I was only with them for 6 months (witch my contract is was only 6 months). Canceled before month 7. I got money refunded due to the fact I didnt use the full month of insurance. Then I got a bill for not canceling with them before I got a new insurance. So I'm getting charged after they refunded me haha? Agents say they aren't able to do anything, then stop answering your calls, or answer put you on hold then hang up.

5 on Google, 4/28/2018
By taumaoe lega

Highly recommend Franz if your needing auto insurance process was fast and easy my rate was way better then State Farm. I was able to save hundred of dollars.

5 on Google, 4/18/2018
By Jaciel Sandoval

5 on Google, 4/17/2018
By Brian Sumsion

One of the best insurance agent's in the valley Thanks Tom your the best!!

5 on Google, 4/17/2018
By cesar mendoza

I just moved to Salt Lake City and needed a new car insurance policy that could be reliable for all my needs.... i decided to do some research online and came across Four Seasons Insurance Agency.... I typically don't take the time to write reviews, but I'm just so overwhelmed by the service that I got here that I needed to share this with people that are really looking for a fair service and an amazing price.... Franz Servan helped me out, and he was so patient to answer all my questions and did really look into finding me the best quote possible, I can't thank enough for this easy process that I got in this agency, I recommend it 100%, companies with service like this should always exist! Thanks Mr. Servan for putting all your insurance knowledge into my file! You helped me save money! Thanks again!

5 on Google, 4/17/2018
By Reseda Tires

5 on Facebook, 4/16/2018
By Jun Wen Lai

I have been with Four seasons 4years. Josh is very helpful and always get me good rate.

5 on Google, 4/14/2018
By Zak Butterfield

5 on Google, 4/14/2018
By Mauricio Mejia

Contento por 7 años de buen servicio y felicitar mi agente JOSH SANDOVAL.

5 on Google, 4/13/2018
By Amanda Eaton

really good company and really tries to get you the lowest possible price for the best coverage

5 on Facebook, 4/12/2018
By Victor Crisologo

Excellent costumer service Franz amazing agent explained my policy step by step thanks Franz totally recommended

5 on Google, 4/11/2018
By Eve Franco

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH JOSH. I went in to ask about an audit from our business insurance because I got an email that the paper was filled out incorrectly. He got really heated stating that it was another agent's fault. Then he refuses to help me because I wasn't the business owner and said that there was no way for me to get access to the policy. I'm the office manager and the owners daughter who set up the original policy! He got irritated and started acting childish. I even had to tell him to calm down, that I wasn't blaming him for anything. That I just needed to fix and turn in whatever the insurance company was asking for. He refused to help me and said my dad (business owner) had to go in. Mind you my dad was working at the University of Utah at one of our projects and now has to drive down to Taylorsville because an agent doesn't know how business policies work, acts childish and doesn't know that the office manager DOES have access (verified by the main insurance company) to the insurance policies. CHANGING AGENTS ASAP. RIDICULOUS. Had to walk out laughing because I couldn't believe that they have an idiot like that working insurance policies and representing them in customer service.

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Sione Hosea

Agents hang up on you!! Tell you they can’t do anything for you when your plan is cancelled. Due to the agents NOT looking through the policy statements and giving incorrect info! Specifically agents from taylorsville branch!! Talk to your ppl Jeff Callahan!!

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Sione Hosea

Agents hang up on you!! Tell you they can’t do anything for you when your plan is cancelled. Due to the agents NOT looking through the policy statements and giving incorrect info! Specifically agents from taylorsville branch!! Talk to your ppl Jeff Callahan!!

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Victor crisologo

Great costumer service franz amazing guy every single detail of my policy car was explained totally recommended

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Sage LeBlanc

Franz was extremely efficient and helpful! Recommend services.

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Danny Jimenez

Fui por una cotización, precios bastante razonables, y excelente atención por parte del Sr Franz Servan. Recomendado

5 on Google, 4/10/2018
By Oscar Calderon

5 on Google, 4/9/2018
By Noone

Joe, still waiting to hear from you on yelp. Inaccurate? Let’s hit this nail on the head then. February 8 I went into your office to remove myself, vehicles and payment information removed from a policy. Your agent said he did the appropriate paperwork and I left happy. Fast forward to the present, my bank account is in the negative due to Four Seasons still billing me, to my surprise. So I went back to the same office to be told the agent I spoke with on the 8th was supposed to give me a form to sign releasing me from said policy but didn’t and there is nothing they can do. My question is: How can you tell me this is my problem when I did everything I was supposed to, your employee didn’t do his job and I’m still stuck paying you?

5 on Google, 4/9/2018
By Jusmebumbbleb Me

Bill Callahan has saved my but more than a few times getting me insurance, Always friendly and helpful. I recommend your company as well as Bill to whoever inquires on car insurance. Thanks a million Bill Stay awesome man!

5 on Google, 4/6/2018
By Jennifer Paul

Worst insurance company ever. They consistently try and blame everything on the main insurance company not the agency... then why are they even a representative if they are going to allow people to be charged for insurance we cancelled months ago and the agency didn't make sure the paperwork was accurate?? Do not use this company.

5 on Google, 3/30/2018
By Edith Finch

I have had an amazing experience at Four Seasons thanks to Alex.

5 on Google, 3/30/2018
By Martin Escobar

Alex was very helpful today

5 on Google, 3/30/2018
By Fia Feletafi

Four Seasons Insurance has always been great to work with. Imelda Ruiz answer all my questions.

5 on Facebook, 3/24/2018
By Paula Santistevan

Wonderful customer service! Nathan Snider is always helping us find the best rates with new teenage drivers, new cars, and even our new home! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

5 on Facebook, 3/23/2018
By Lisa K Faber

I was having problems with a different insurance company and paying a ton. I talked to Nathan Snider and he helped me find a better option for my family. He is always available when I have questions. Great service!

5 on Facebook, 3/22/2018
By Shaelyn R Vargas

Alex Customer Service upfront saved me over $200 on my insurance! I had been pricing insurance everywhere and had quotes well over 350, 400 dollars. He saved Us TONS!!!! Four seasons is definitely the place to be!!!! #CheaplyInsured

5 on Facebook, 3/20/2018
By Sophinia Lopez Jesus Bricaire

5 on Google, 3/16/2018
By Eddie Gaspar

5 on Facebook, 3/15/2018
By Magaly Viterise

Excellent customer service. Love my agent Josh Sandoval

5 on Google, 3/13/2018
By Nahomi Salcedo

I had called several times for diferents reasons, they are always nice and willing to help. Franz Servan is very efficient and makes me feel important. Thanks for all what you do!

5 on Google, 3/13/2018
By jorge gonzales

Los contacté vía telefónica para cotizar un seguro para mi automóvil. Me atendió su asesor Franz Servan, quien me brindó toda la información necesaria, atendiendo amablemente todas mis consultas adicionales. Excelente servicio. Lo recomiendo.

5 on Google, 3/13/2018
By Pablo Zarate

I felt very welcome and comfortable when I came in. I recommend talking to Franz, he cares about his clients and goes out of his way to find great quotes for others.

5 on Google, 3/13/2018
By gwen hensley

Franz Servan is great to deal with!

5 on Google, 3/6/2018
By Dalcy Servan Crystal

Franz was very helpful when it came to purchase insurance ; he answered all our questions and took the time to walk us through the whole process .

5 on Google, 3/3/2018
By Karina Servan

Franz Servan has the best customer service I have ever experienced in many years . He was professional, and very helpful and the best he saved me a lot of money. He is great at what he does and will take good care of you to get the best deal. I highly recommend them.

5 on Facebook, 3/3/2018
By Karina Echeverry

Franz Servan has the best customer service I have ever experienced in many years . He was professional, and very helpful and the best he saved me a lot of money. He is great at what he does and will take good care of you to get the best deal. I highly recommend them.

5 on Google, 2/28/2018
By Tim Jonson

I was in and out very quickly thanks to Alex.

5 on Google, 2/28/2018
By Jordan Hayes

Alex helped me get my boat insured at an amazing price.

5 on Google, 2/26/2018
By Mario Chicas


5 on Facebook, 2/24/2018
By Alex Delgado

Franz is the man to see! He is awesome at was he does and will take care of you to get the best deal. Highly recommend you seeing him for all your insurance needs!

5 on Google, 2/24/2018
By Alex Delgado

Franz was awesome and did a great job on finding what was best for my girlfriend and I. He is super professional and personable. I will be referring all my friends and family to him. Highly recommend you to see him to get the best quote. Thank you Franz!

5 on Facebook, 2/22/2018
By Wendee Rodriguez

Franz is amazing super kind and helpful he made our experience great. Definitely would recommend anyone to him!!!

5 on Facebook, 2/21/2018
By Diana Armenta

Me encanto! El agente Franz me hizo mi póliza con una buena aseguranza y a un muy buen precio y lo mejor habla español para nosotros los hispanos lo re comiendo si gustan que alguien les haga una póliza llámenle a Franz

5 on Google, 2/21/2018
By esme galleta

super! El agente frans que fue el que me atendió muy bueno me busco una aseguranza buena y a muy buen precio y lo mejor de todo es que habla mi idioma español. Muy buen servicio al cliente

5 on Facebook, 2/16/2018
By Sadie Gale

My husband and I were paying $1,300 a month for are 8 cars and 3 teenage drivers. We went see Nathan and he saved us $500 per month!!! He has always gone the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone.

5 on Facebook, 2/13/2018
By Janis White

Nate was awesome! He helped me sort through all the life insurance options to find the right policy for me and my family. Will definitely seek him out the next time I need insurance help.

5 on Google, 2/13/2018
By Dustin Martindale

My insurance agent, Nathan, has always been great at taking my calls and answering my many question. I would, and have, recommend him and Four Seasons Insurance Agency to anyone i know. Thanks for being such a good agent and friend!

5 on Google, 1/31/2018
By Peter Shu

I recently purchased a policy here and Alex was able to help me out very fast and efficiently.

5 on Google, 1/31/2018
By Ethan Salazar

Alex was a great help with my policy.

5 on Facebook, 1/31/2018
By Andrea Tulley

Franz assisted me very quickly and efficiently in switching policies, with very little effort on my part. And my monthly payment is much less than before!

5 on Google, 1/31/2018
By Andrea Tulley

5 on Facebook, 1/20/2018
By Emanuel Armijo

5 on Google, 1/17/2018
By Angela Segura

Franz serva excelente muy amable y responde muy rápido a tus inquietudes les recomiendo

5 on Google, 1/11/2018
By Cinthia Perez

5 on Facebook, 1/11/2018
By Carlos Hernandez

Gran servicio total satisfacción gracias franz servan por su amabilidad y excelente servicio al cliente se ve su capacidad muy profesional su trabajo

5 on Facebook, 1/10/2018
By Steven Santiago

Franz Servan has the best customer service i have ever experienced in many years. Very friendly, and extremely helpful. Thank you Franz. I look forward to many years of business with you. Highly recommend.

5 on Google, 1/10/2018
By Rolando Hernández

I was really having a bad day and then I went to four seasons and my agent Imelda Ruiz made me feel welcome and she was very supportive and got me everything I needed.

5 on Facebook, 1/8/2018
By Folau Kilioni

It’s was fast and easy Imelda Ruiz was very friendly and helpful down in the Sandy location. I give a 5 stars �

5 on Google, 1/8/2018
By Bonnie Snider

Nathan Snider has always treated with respect and efficiency. We appreciate his professional service.

5 on Google, 1/6/2018
By Paco Hernandez

Great customer service from Josh Sandoval has really helped me save hundreds of dollars on insurance.

5 on Google, 1/6/2018
By Laura Salazar

Josh Sandoval has provided great service for over 5 years highly recommended!

5 on Facebook, 1/2/2018
By Ruben Guillen

Excelente atención de sus empleados, especialmente el servicio brindado por el Sr. Franz Servan; soy un cliente satisfecho de esta agencia por más de un año.

5 on Google, 12/27/2017
By Chris Roberts

Awesome service, and best rates out there

5 on Google, 12/20/2017
By Samuel Martinez

They have a strong hard working member named Imelda Ruiz. She is awesome and gets things done. Follows up and has worked pretty late to keep her word. Highly recommend.

5 on Google, 12/15/2017
By Jose Hernandez

Buen servicio sobre todo sus agentes muy amables franz Servan una de los agentes medio la atención y servicio qe ninguna otro agencia de seguros me avía brindado antes excelente servicio franz thank you

5 on Google, 11/30/2017
By Shaden Mer

Franz me ayudo con mi aseguranza de Auto y here muy amable.

5 on Facebook, 11/23/2017
By Gonzalo Alejandro Arce Valenzuela

La atención de Franz súper eficiente, rápida y clara. Hasta me comentó información sobre la que no tenía idea. 100% recomendable ��

5 on Facebook, 11/20/2017
By Brisa Rocio

Excelente servicio por parte de Franz :) Mi familia y yo siempre aseguramos nuestros carros ahi.

5 on Google, 10/31/2017
By Cecilia Osorio

I wouldn't rate this but i had to bad costumers services looks like no one wants to help you they try to make me pay twice when they made a mistake i do not recommended.

5 on Google, 10/31/2017
By Corinne Talaeai

Kyla C was so efficient and kind when I called for help. She even followed up promptly as promised with the documentation needed. It is such a big deal to have people help you and treat your needs with a sense of urgency. Thanks again Kyla!

5 on Facebook, 10/27/2017
By Samuel J. Lee

This was the only company that worked hard to help us get the coverage we needed.

5 on Facebook, 10/5/2017
By Pete Goff

Been with Four Season for several years and they have always had a great experience with the owners and all the staff. Great job!

5 on Google, 9/22/2017
By Angelica P

Franz Servan at Taylorsville gave me excellent customer service. He was professional, quick, and saved me hundreds of dollars. I was in and out. I highly recommend him and this company.

5 on Google, 9/21/2017
By Ashley Marie

Felt comfortable...Was great customer service 😀explination of coverage was easy to understand!!!!! Thanks Franz!!!!

5 on Facebook, 9/19/2017
By Angelica Paniagua

I've been going to Four Seasons for over 15 years. Franz at Taylorsville gave me excellent customer service. He was quick, professional, and saved me tons of money. I highly recommend them.

5 on Google, 9/7/2017
By Axion Crypt

Once a year I deal with this agency. Everytime I try it seems there's always a problem. I spent 44 minutes on the phone to find out when I renew and auto withdrawal info. First time I called it Took 20 mins. The rep couldn't pull up my account for 20 mins ! I was listening to her typing one second then boom in on hold. I sat there for another 7 minutes then I hung up wondering if it was an accident or what. Rep wouldn't give her name. So I called back and no one at either the quote ext or billing would answer. Finally anther 5 minutes of trying same rep answered. I explained what happened and that I really needed this info because payment due to come out tomorrow. She said we'll I put you in hold and then you are gone. She says she's new and then said she's trying to pull up my account. 25 minutes later I find out. This happens each year with getting info. I mean last time I had to call, it t took up two hours of my time. The insurance is the best rate I've found or I'd go elsewhere. Hey here's a tip, don't put people on the phone that can't even look up policies and have no customer service training. When you place someone on hold it's important to let the client know. It's important to say, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Oh and BIG NUMBER ONE : SAY YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ANSWER THE PHONE. Yeah Joe is really nice, if you can ever get him on the phone. He seems to be the only one who knows anything at this location. Training training training! UPDATE : I just called today 9.7.2017 to find out why my bill went up again. This person never identified himself nor asked me any verifying information to validate I was the account holder. He told me Utah raised the rates. He gave me wrong info about my policy completely arguing that I didn't have to electronically sign anything for my policy renewal. He didn't look for rates he just said that it was no big deal because his increase was more than mine. Really?? Wouldn't you know after the call, I went and searched my email for the renewal email and I found it! This is everytime I dream with them. You'll get no name and frustration. I said a sentence the times to him and he would respond as if he missed completely was the sentence was. HE WAS NOT LISTENING! I hate to leave these kind of reviews. They are the cheapest so I have no choice but to stay. Hey everyone in Utah did your rates all increase this year? Nameless person says it's because cars have so much technology now. I swear that guy was playing on his phone while he was talking to me. I compare it to talking to my son who has ADD. At the end he slammed the phone down even though the convo was friendly enough. They're always rude there. Guess what? I'll keep reviewing this as long as Google will let me keep typing here. PS excellent driving record.

5 on Google, 8/7/2017
By juan Barrientos

I have been Insured with Four Seasons Insurance since 2015! I've Always gotten Excellent service from Josh! The prices are unbeatable with Four Seasons!

5 on Google, 8/1/2017
By mariana aguilar

Horrible staff I went in to the office I was waiting for about 30 min while I was there the phone was ringing an the guy was just sitting their not answering the calls🙄Then he was like oh do you need help hate going or calling but I always would end up going cause Joshua guy always puts me on hold or hangs up on me. 1 star is too much for him if he dislikes his job he should find something else to do!

5 on Google, 6/20/2017
By Caitlin Morgan

I had the pleasure of coming to know who Joe Callahan is tonight, as a belligerent drunk who harasses, and threatens people with severe violence as well as implied on having "connections". Your threatening statements are on record Joe. You are a rude and intolerant individual, and customers should think twice about if these are the characteristics you want to do business with as well as your "connections". Spend your hard earned money on a caring and trustworthy company who is not a threat to YOU. Really cannot wait to see you expand in Montana Joe, good luck.

5 on Facebook, 6/19/2017
By Anthony Smith

You guys are real hard to find.... ..................... :-)

5 on Google, 6/13/2017
By Ryan Orr

Really good guys. They know their stuff and are efficient. They saved me over $100/mo in payment. They have a long time customer here.

5 on Google, 6/5/2017
By Mia Killian

Four Seasons has been my insurance carrier for many years. Tom Callahan is an excellent agent who always finds me the lowest rates possible. My son is also a Four Seasons customer, I have not heard any complaints from him either. All of the staff is friendly and very helpful.

5 on Google, 6/1/2017
By Anthony Mutter

I have been with Four Seasons for past 26 years and they have always been there for me and my family. I was just talking about looking into USAA (as I am a service member) the other day, then I started to think what I would be loosing. The ability to have a rep on the phone ASAP, a Local Office, the ability to walk in and have questions answered and my insurance policies updated immediately versus USAA being all over the internet or via phone call. I would and have recommended friends and family to Four Seasons Ins and will continue!

5 on Facebook, 5/1/2017
By Joey Duckworth

I would never use another agency! They employ only the best of the best!

5 on Facebook, 4/27/2017
By Nathan Snider

5 on Google, 4/21/2017
By Marshal Hubbard

5 on Google, 3/24/2017
By richard vance

Awesome place!! They were able to lower my insurance by $120 a month

5 on Google, 3/14/2017
By Deirdre Burge

Rude. I was the only person in there and was not greeted or asked how I could be helped. Stood for 10 minutes waiting before I finally asked for help. That is my biggest issue. Customer Service.

5 on Google, 3/13/2017

Extremely rude staff! I called & asked for help guy answered then told me he was busy & hung up!

5 on Facebook, 2/15/2017
By Tim Yamashita

Joe and Jeff Callahan are the best of the best out there! They have both helped me out with my personal and even my company's insurance!! They are an A+ company and are A++ guys!!!!

5 on Facebook, 2/14/2017
By Edward Peltekian

Joe Callahan at Four Seasons Insurance always provides excellent personal service.

5 on Google, 11/17/2016
By Trevor m Carr

Horrible company charged me double for my polices. Trying to get someone to talk to you about anything you need is a joke! rude staff they hung up on me multiple times.I hate the games they play there. Terrible experience beware! one star is way too much but had to put it in to write a review

5 on Google, 9/29/2016
By Yuhong Chen -

Joe Callahan is wonderful. He is super friendly and helpful. I have been bothered him a lot recently about the Works Compensation Insurance. He has been spent more than two months to deal with the Labor Commission officer. He is so patient. He is deserved five stars.

5 on Google, 9/26/2016
By Jerry R

Worst insurance company I've ever been with. The staff are joke and complain about having to do their job. Stay FAR away from this agency. I only put one star so I could write a review. Seriously hands down the WORST agents

5 on Google, 8/18/2016
By Dave Morgan

Four Seasons Insurance Agency is great to work with. Not only do they acquire the lowest rates in the industry for our Risk and Liability Insurance, but they explain how each line item relates to our business. Because of their personal touch, Evelar Solar will continue a long working relationship with Four Seasons. Dave Morgan CFO - Evelar Solar

5 on Google, 8/17/2016
By Eric Bowen

Jeff has been a great asset to me and my family by helping identify all of our insurance needs. I highly recommend Four Seasons Insurance.

5 on Google, 8/3/2016
By Laxman Paudyal

I did all my business policies with Joe Callahan. He is extremely helpful guy. He will answer your call right away. He helped me save couple of thousand dollars this year. With my experience with Four Seasons, I can guarantee that nobody will regret working with them. I recommend this place to everyone out there.

5 on Google, 8/2/2016
By Anthony Mutter

I have had Four Season since 1991! They have taken care of and my family countless times even while I was away on my Military deployment! They treat me like family!

5 on Google, 8/2/2016
By chris whipple

They helped me with my personal and business and have saved me thousands in one physical year I would recommend this company to anybody and everybody that I know

5 on Google, 7/1/2016
By Jacqueline M.

They found me an amazing price with great coverage! I'm really impressed with this agency and it seems like they want to protect their customers. Would recommend to anybody!

5 on Google, 2/5/2016
By Neil Britton

These guys always go the extra mile for me, I have been with them for years

5 on Google, 2/3/2016
By Afroozak Fadaei

5 on Google, 10/26/2015
By Trevor Olsen

5 on Google, 11/10/2014
By Noelia Pirovano

The owner is a complete JERK!! He treated me like an idiot because I didn't know about the fees they charge both for signing up and for canceling. The agent I signed up with didn't tell me about those fees and when I called to cancel my insurance, this man treated me like garbage, said I was wasting his time, and that he didn't care that his own agent didn't tell me about the fees... In his own words he said: "it doesn't matter, everyone knows that there are fees for canceling your insurance!!" He yelled at me, wouldn't listen to what happened when I tried to tell him, and said I was an idiot... :(

5 on Google, 2/8/2014
By National Detail Pros Inc

Great customer service!!!! Thats all I can say. Not only did they beat my insurance rate, but they are always so easy to work with and talk to. Highly recommend!

5 on Facebook, 11/30/2013
By Matt Sanders

Great service and an even better policy. Jeff Callahan at the Taylorsville office searched around and got me the best coverage for the best price available. After recently having a $9500 repair done to my truck after hitting a deer and only having to pay a $100 deductible the whole process was very much painless. I would recommend Four Seasons Insurance to anyone and everyone.

5 on Facebook, 11/30/2013
By Joe Callahan

Duh, I'm an owner. Of course I give it 5 stars!

5 on Facebook, 11/27/2013
By Wally Roskelley

Four seasons goes the extra mile.

5 on Google, 11/3/2011
By A Google User

Honest and friendly. I'd recommend four seasons insurance to anyone.