Trisha McDonald  
Great place I have RA , Lupus and Fibromyalgia and was on my way to a motorized chair. Dr Danishfar and Dr Murphy are a god send they really listen to you and treat you like a person. And the physical therapist Mitch Watson has helped me to able to not need a cane. I am truly thankful for these people.
Tracey Hardy  
Tyra DM  
I saw Mitch for physical therapy and be was fantastic. Very down to earth but also very professional.
Steven Hazelbaker  
Great people, work hard to help you!
shawn sessums  
I drive 4.5 hours one way to be seen by my doctor and will continue to do so. I've never been to a doctor that cared so much for me that they pray with me before a procedure. Truly warms my heart! I recommend all those in pain to them. He doesn't of only use mess, he tries to fix the problem. With his main tool as God. True blessing!
Robin McFarland  
Jen Moore  
Alan Murphy PA has ALWAYS listened attentively and cared for me on more than just a “client/patient” relationship. He understands my pain and how it affects my profession as a registered nurse. Edie has never been anything but the most helpful, friendly person I see the minute I walk in. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Love this team!!!
Mary Ortiz  
Roby Mitchell  
Dr BJ Daneshfar doesn’t just treat pain as a symptom. Chronic pain must be addressed comprehensively with hormonal balancing,thyroid replacement,nutritional optimization and incorporating exercise. He also offers M. O. A. B. + class IV laser treatments.
Elizabeth Berry  
Wonderful place. Staff extra friendly. It's that I need a procedure I cant afford and my insurance deductable is too high. Anyway if I dont have it they will drop me as a patient. The procedure is just a test to see if the real injection will work. Its 2000 dollars. I dont want to be dropped. It's the first place that really took time with me. Dr Andrew is great. I'm at a loss been on pain meds to long would love to have the procedure but wont beable to afford it until my children are all grown. Therefore in 4 months I wont have any control of this pain. What scares me the most is I will be completely useless to my family. It's all ready robbed me of going to church because it takes a while for meds to work and then when they do I'm sleepy and cant drive. As I said wonderful office best I've been to and hate that I cant stay as a patient.