5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By Erin Franks

I have been going to Dr Daneshfar & Allen is my main Doctor here, for many years & I love how caring they are for the pain im in. I've been through alot w/my health situation & Im really glad thry continue to try everything they can to get me where I need to be to live a better life in less pain!

5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By D'Ann B

I can say with ABDOLUTE experience and conviction this group is superior. I was a patient of Advanced Pain Care of Amarillo, which by the way, is based in Austin. It was a three-year excess of procedures and lack of beauracratic communication and disjointed, detached care. I changed to Dr. D four months ago, it has been no less than a MIRACLE for me. These are THE sweetest group of caretakers I've encountered. Kindness is unfaltering and professional. Please, if you endure, survive continued days of pain, as I have, call these angels. They KNOW what they are doing. I'm better now than I've been in a decade. How are there enough words to thank people for giving life back? Start your story here, period.

5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By Debi Porterfield

5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By Kim Harper

Great place to go! Not just concerned with getting your money; actually care about your other medications the side effects possible deadly combinations etc. I thought I was being targeted when Dr Daneshfar reduced my meds but when my Mother who is a nurse of 40 years, explained that I shouldn’t be getting the dosages because the combination may cause DEATH; I really appreciated the office for caring! They also have relieved my pain! I would like to say anyone in pain, should definitely try to utilize this facility.

5 on Google, 8/5/2020
By ladyzoe75

My first experience with these guys was mediocre at best. Besides the BLATENT DISRESPECT for my time ( ya must arrive 1 hour early for check in) it took 4 hours out of my day. They were hesitant to give a work release slip. The physical exam was ok. Everything else just was all about them!

5 on Google, 8/3/2020
By Mary Perry

Excellent service. Megan is fantastic. She listen, makes suggestions but give you time to make up your mind. All the nurses are very good.

5 on Google, 7/30/2020
By Sammy Murdock

I've had pain not only in my back , but also neck, knee , and shoulder. After my first visit I felt comfortable in knowing that I would be in good hands. Now I'm a work in progress , but Dr D and Andrew are working on getting me a better out look on life and a more productive person.

5 on Google, 7/30/2020
By Alice Stewart

I adore Alan Murphy. He's the smartest person I know!!!!

5 on Google, 7/28/2020
By Lauren Horn

We came to see Dr. Daneshfar about getting a ketamine treatment for our son who is autistic and nonverbal. We have seen great improvements since our first treatment he is more engaged and trying to say more words. He started pointing at people and things since the first treatment three weeks ago. We are so happy to see such great improvements and Dr. Daneshfar is so amazing and caring.

5 on Facebook, 7/28/2020
By Ernest Hull

I was amazed how quickly I was scheduled for my first visit. I was very pleased with the care I received. I highly recommend this team!

5 on Google, 7/19/2020
By Margaret Willis

My mom’s GP referred her to Dr. Daneshfar because she had been experiencing severe lower back and knee pain for a number of years. Her pain level was a 10 and she could not walk or stand for very long. After the Vertiflex procedure, her pain level dropped to a zero and she does not have a problem standing or walking now. At 87 years old, this procedure was truly a miracle for her!

5 on Google, 7/16/2020
By Norma Flores

The physicians are awesome. The techs seem to be overwhelmed and come off as rude. At least they get help when needed. If they dont take your insurances go some where else. Not their fault they have to go through channels to get paid. I'd recommend to anyone needing a remedy. If your insurance doesn't cover it , im sure you can find another avenue.

5 on Google, 7/15/2020
By HANNAH edwards

Amazing place.amazing staff. Alan takes great care of me and with the help of dr D my pain has gone down. Very clean and all staff is very knowledgable and compassionate.

5 on Google, 7/15/2020
By Leroy Lucero

Met with Matt the areas Nevro rep. He explained my implant in great detail. I’m very pleased with their attention to detail and positive responsiveness.i will gladly recommend Matt and his helper today! Excited to see results with my HF10 implant. Excited to be pain free!!

5 on Google, 7/13/2020
By Seth Merriman

Doctor D is a great man, and better doctor. My life has been so much better since I decided to do something about my pain. Highly recommend anyone who lives with chronic pain to come let this man help you like he did me.

5 on Google, 7/7/2020
By Olga Swanson

For 30yrs I have been...NO PAIN JUST ALL GAIN... Thanks Dr. B.J. Love you SOOOOOOOO much. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤💗🤍💜🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯

5 on Facebook, 7/7/2020
By Carol Allen

Pleased that they really reviewed my case & did scans and x-rays rather than just writing a prescription. Megan & Andrew are caring and unhurried during appointments. Dr Daneshfar is extremely skilled.

5 on Google, 7/2/2020
By Christa Garrett

5 on Google, 6/29/2020
By Carla Herring

I love my Drs. Here at Acute & Chronic pain center. Alan & Dr. D work hard to keep my pain at a level I can handle.

5 on Google, 6/25/2020
By Sharon Stephenson

Dr. Daneshfar truly cares about his patients & wants them to be pain free! He has helped me so much & I would recommend him to anyone who is in pain. He is helping me get my life back! Thank you Dr. Daneshfar!

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By jorge carrasco

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By Jennefier Dudley

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By Dale Garrett

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By Steven Hazelbaker

They are very helpful. I don't believe they can correct my issues as I cannot afford proper treatment. If you have good insurance, I highly recommend them!

5 on Google, 6/23/2020
By Howard Palechek

5 on Google, 6/22/2020
By Donna Warner

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By Lanea Hollings

Great and positive experience!!! Everything I expected and More

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By Tosha Parsons

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By Luis Cano

My mom goes to this clinic and sees Megan Wait She is the best always helpful answer your questions

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By chantelle declercq

5 on Google, 6/17/2020
By simona safar

Dr Daniel Daneshfar is a highly skilled vascular surgeon who is extremely caring and empathetic. He is a brilliant at identifying complex vascular issues and his skill set is unique. There are many procedures that Dr Daniel Daneshfar can perform that many other surgeons cannot perform. I would highly recommend him and his services.

5 on Google, 6/3/2020
By Preston AwesomeSa

I've would have to say that this Dr has been the best at helping me with my back. They discovered and fixed many of my health issues. A life saver when it comes to my back. Basically I only existed before they saw me. Now I can live again. Thank you for your wonderful team and you DR Daneshfar!

5 on Google, 6/2/2020
By Jay C

5 on Google, 6/2/2020
By Jenna Wears

5 on Google, 6/2/2020
By Gail Horton

Absolute wonderful doctors and nurses there that everybody so kind reception us are so kind I would recommend this to everyone and I do

5 on Google, 6/1/2020
By Elizabeth Spillan

5 on Google, 6/1/2020
By John Denton

5 on Google, 2/17/2020
By Allen Stegall

I love this entire crew!!! God himself blessed Dr D and Alan Murphy with hands of gold! Thank you for all you have done for me and Edie for puting up with me and my nonsense !! You guys are the bomb!!

5 on Google, 2/15/2020
By Randy Sims

I have been using Dr Daneshfar for several years now and he has been great. He has treated me for upper neck problems, back problems, and severe pain in a knee. He also prescribes an opiod to help alleviate pain. Dr Danesfar was in the process of using injections into my right knee with a gel solution Injections needed to occur once a week for a series of three to five shots. After the first shot, I was scheduled to be in Florida for about twelve days. So we worked out an appointment date to resume the shots. My appointment was for 1:30 PM February eleventh. I showed up at 12:45, checked in, then was seated in the waiting area. Patients came in, sat down, and then were called by a nurse. This had occurred with several patients. I was still in the waiting area and was the only one still in this area. Finally a nurse called me back and we went into exam room 3. The nurse took my vital signs and had me sign some release forms. She then left stating the doctor should be right in. She came back in about 30 minutes later and saw the doctor had not been in yet. She then came back and said the doctor was finishing up a procedure, needed to visit with the family, then clean up and would be there. About 30 minutes later, the nurse comes in, unplugs the machine that the doctor had previously used to inject my knee. She told me they needed to borrow the piece of equipment, and off she went. About 15 minutes later, a. different nurse comes in and says the doctor should be in in 10 to 15 minutes. I look at my wife and tell her we do not have to put up with all this incompetence. We walked out of the exam room to leave. The nurse said we could fill out some complaint forms. I told her no thanks. Dr D is a smart enough man to know why we left. I did ask her how they determine if you have enough medicine days to get refills. She said they really don’t keep up with those, they just count how many times you have been there. We then left. Your office manager, Michael, called about 20 minutes later to ask if there was problem. Personally, I operated companies in my life, but never once treated a customer this way before. For those of you reading this, Dr Daneshfar is a very intelligent doctor. It would be nice if his office would call and ask me when we could resume my injections. But that has not happened and probably won’t.

5 on Google, 2/14/2020
By Tosha Villa

5 on Google, 2/14/2020
By Eugenia Dombroski

5 on Google, 2/14/2020
By Hannah Sosa

The facility and doctor is amazing. i have had a few injections done and the doctor always asks if i would like him to say a prayer for me. This helps me to feel more relaxed because i know he cares enough to ask for blessings for the procedure and prayers for a fast recovery. This facility definetly takes care of the emotional and physical well being. All other staff especially Alan are amazing. They have helped me so much. Honestly the best facility i have ever been to. i always wish they could take care of more than just my back pain. wish they could be my primary care too. They treat me so well and have helped my back too. They have so many types of therapy options. So lucky to have found them. LOVE the staff and service everytime.

5 on Google, 2/11/2020
By Joe San Miguel

Dr.Daneshfar &all his staff go above &beyond to make sure you are taking care of. I highly recommend Dr.D. he is the best, he really cares about his patients.

5 on Google, 1/27/2020
By Christy Clark

I absolutely love the staff, Andrew is always so kind and explains everything in detail. Dr. D is amazing at his skill he has helped me so much. It’s horrible to be in pain constantly. With their help I truly feel I will be able to have an active life ahead of me.

5 on Google, 1/22/2020
By jerrod hawbaker

Great Doctors in this office the first ones I’ve ever had that actually care

5 on Google, 12/26/2019
By La Quetta Ray

I've been told that they are so great and to go see certain Dr's there but I'm unable to because they don't take Medicaid and I have many problems and suffer from SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN! It's being PREDJUDICE AND MONEY HUNGARY NOT ACCEPTING MEDICAID!

5 on Google, 12/16/2019
By Amy Perez

Been going there for about 6 months and have actually never seen him but have his NP and finally getting pain relief that I’ve needed for years. However I called to get my monthly refill of medication and was just told by the NT “oh by the way we no longer accept your insurance”. Never received a call or a letter stating this in advance which is the WORST thing you can do to a chronic pain sufferer. I will NEVER EVER self refer people to them again and would highly NOT recommend going there. I guess if you don’t mind having a doctor who doesn’t care about your quality of life and suffering then go for them! It’s so hard to find a doctor who can empathize with a chronic pain sufferer and they fit right in now! #poorbusinessethic

5 on Google, 12/5/2019
By Mary Perry

5 on Facebook, 12/4/2019
By Jackie Byrum

Bad Business always just wanted money

5 on Google, 11/19/2019
By Lori Scott

Dr. D is the best of the best He spends what time his patients need, therefore sometimes you may need to wait but it is well worth the wait. Staff kind and caring. The clinic works like a machine. As for Dr. Daneshfar, he's brilliant and thinks outside the box. You can seeh his mother in fabulous health working at the office! I think that says a lot about his lifestyle. He tries to get to the core of the problem and address that rather than just bandaid the issue temporarily. My young daughter loves him. He IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! My daughter is seeing him for pain management and other issues. He's been the first hope she's had in 10 years of undiagnosed medical condition.

5 on Facebook, 10/23/2019
By Johnny Johnson

because he cares about he's patients and listens to what their saying about the pain there in the whole staff here is wonderful and I would recommend them to any one who is dealing with chronic pain.

5 on Google, 10/18/2019
By Connie Moore

Always recieve exceptional care!

5 on Facebook, 10/17/2019
By Johnny Johnson

I been dealing with chronic pain for 20 years, this is the first time that I had a Dr. pray over me before he did a procedure, very impressed with these place and Megan Wait, I would recommend this place to any one who is in pain. God bless these people for what they do.

5 on Facebook, 10/16/2019
By Alan Teague

My wife was there for angioplasty. Doctor and staff very good.

5 on Facebook, 10/8/2019
By Elizabeth Shirley Spillan

Very good Drs and nice staff

5 on Facebook, 10/1/2019
By Rachel Izabella Scott

I have only been going to Dr Daneshfar for few weeks and he is willing to help me to get my life back. Dr Daneshfar is Amazing and so kind. I look forward to getting the help I need for my pain. I'm soo happy I now have Dr Daneshfar who will be able to manage my pain and also give me my Life back which I haven't had in years.

5 on Facebook, 9/25/2019
By Jessie Perez


5 on Google, 9/20/2019
By Patty Rogers

I received excellent when seen! Everyone was very professional and all my questions were addressed in a manner that I could understand. I will be returning to have a procedure done which I have no reservations about. I know that they are going to take excellent care of me!

5 on Google, 9/20/2019
By James Counterman

5 on Google, 9/20/2019
By Clarence Ethridge

5 on Facebook, 9/8/2019
By April Dawn

I got rejected so fast my demographics never even made it into the system. And there has got to be some special skills involved if someone managed to know I needed a referral to some doctor I’ve never even heard of without ever speaking to me. There was about 14 levels of miscommunication going on so I’m still not sure what’s happening. But I respect Dr. Daniel Daneshfar on the other side of this establishment so I’m gonna just chalk this one up to a lesson learned.

5 on Facebook, 9/6/2019
By Liborio Rodriguez

Mi wife had back related from 25 years working at ASARCO co. And get a treatment and now she feel 100 percent better. By the way her name is Vivian Martinez

5 on Google, 8/12/2019
By Mark Tolman

Thair helping me get the Right answers and treatment for what's wrong with me..I've believe thair the best

5 on Google, 8/9/2019
By Curtis Hardin

I think Dr. Daneshfar is amazing and has helped the chronic pain I have in my back. The staff has always treated me like royalty

5 on Facebook, 8/2/2019
By Jessica Barcelo

Dr. Daneshfar is one of the best vascular surgeons in Texas. Hes very compassionate , dedicated , and knowledgeable about vascular disease and how to treat it. Five star !!!

5 on Google, 7/31/2019
By Jeri Cox

I was certainly cared for w kindness,understanding in a most professional style. Thank you, Megan and staff. Jeri cox

5 on Google, 7/30/2019
By Tracy Pugh

5 on Facebook, 7/25/2019
By Christina Turco Franklin

I wanted to share an updated recommendation. I’ve been a patient here for 3 years and I’ve been treated so well. My well being is their first priority! Andrew has been a God send to me. He really listens to me and is always so caring towards my needs! I recently had an appointment with Dr. Daneshfar and he was incredible. Not only did he assess my pain issues but all my medical issues, as well. He gave me sound medical advice and made a plan for my well being, too. I’m so glad they’re my providers! They’re a fantastic medical group and I would recommend them to my friends and family! Thank you for all of your help, Dr. Daneshfar and Andrew!

5 on Google, 7/24/2019
By Gail Horton

Most caring doctors nurse and everyone else who works there. I am blessed to have found them. Thank you Jesus

5 on Google, 7/23/2019
By Emilio Barrera

It’s always good to have you’ll work with us on Pain Management. You’ll keep us young and healthy. Thank you

5 on Facebook, 7/23/2019
By Billie Molder

It’s nice to know there are qualified doctors available for my chronic back pain when other doctors have done all they know to do. I am thankful for Dr. Daneshfar; the way he interacts with his patients and the quality of care we receive. When you really need help, please check out the Acute and Chronic Pain and Spine Center.

5 on Facebook, 7/22/2019
By Caroline Foust

I had shots in my lower back. I feel so much better. I recommend the shots and the pellets

5 on Facebook, 7/22/2019
By Terry Fulton

After yrs of neck pain and numerous physical therapists Dr D worked miracles, The physical therapist (Mitch) is the best physical therapist I have been too!!!

5 on Facebook, 7/19/2019
By Phyllis Ann Loeffelbein

My hip was giving me pain and they took it away, I didn’t realize I was hurting so much.

5 on Google, 7/17/2019
By Trisha McDonald

Great place I have RA , Lupus and Fibromyalgia and was on my way to a motorized chair. Dr Danishfar and Dr Murphy are a god send they really listen to you and treat you like a person. And the physical therapist Mitch Watson has helped me to able to not need a cane. I am truly thankful for these people.

5 on Google, 7/17/2019
By Lorraine Braughton

Dr.daneshfar is amazing! I have herniated discs and spinal stenosis which caused problems with my left leg and pain. The injection worked well and along with physical therapy I am improving by leaps and bounds. I am without pain. He and his staff really listen to their patients which really matters. They're the best.

5 on Google, 7/17/2019
By Mitch Watson

This clinic goes the extra mile to get to the root of your pain ... dr. Daneshfar is on the cutting edge of all new pain management technologies.. he even has an in house Physical Therapy clinic that is tailored to the needs of chronic spinal pain rehab .. it is not your run of the mill pain clinic that just gives epidural steroid injections and tells you that is the best they can do .. dr. Daneshfar has many avenues to get to the root of your problem not just mask it

5 on Facebook, 7/16/2019
By Hanna Zagal

Dr. Daneshfar cares about his patients and he listens to them instead of rushing them out the door so he can get to his next patient. I would without any hesitation recommend Dr. Daneshfar to my family and friends.

5 on Facebook, 6/19/2019
By Savannah Sherwood Jennings Mote

I would highly recommend Dr D and his team to anyone suffering from pain, in fact I would say don't go anywhere else. I am probably one of the patients that has been with Dr. D the longest. It was 1998 or 1999 when I had my first appointment. I had seen multiple doctors in different cities and states (one was even known world wide) to find an answer. They all had different answers, Dr. D said the root of your issues are in your spine. I tried a surgery that only 2 surgeons in the US were performing at the time with any success, I was in my twenties and desperate to get better. The surgery wasn't successful, I went back to Dr. D and we began unraveling my medical issues. He was the only doctor that refused to give up on me ! Though my diagnosis doesn't have a fix or cure, Dr. D has worked with me to keep the pain under control. I have been so fortunate to have Dr. D and his staff with me through this journey. I see his PA Alan for routine follow up visits, and he is very knowledgeable and he listens to you as a person. Dr D has created something truly special with his team and within his practice, definitely above and beyond when it comes to patient care !

5 on Google, 5/31/2019
By Mark Clanton

5 on Facebook, 5/30/2019
By James Anderson

Dr D treats everyone like family

5 on Facebook, 5/22/2019
By Doug Collins

Any pain or aches that u r having he’s the man,I think he’s great!!!!!

5 on Facebook, 5/20/2019
By Ralf Lukner

Highly skilled and conscientious.

5 on Google, 5/5/2019
By Angela Gilbert

Wonderful & caring staff! Dr. Daneshfar is very thorough when telling me what to expect & very kind!! His staff is really helpful & kind! I'm so blessed to have the Dr & wonderful staff!

5 on Facebook, 5/1/2019
By Amanda Parker Lozes

Well trained and a nice guy 👍🏻

5 on Google, 4/30/2019
By Skrabi S

5 on Google, 4/30/2019
By Carla Herring

Thank you for always being so kind to me and helping me get my life back.

5 on Google, 4/16/2019
By Pearl Doty

5 on Facebook, 4/5/2019
By Coy Maddox

Great people, that listen to you. I would recommend them to anyone with back problems.

5 on Google, 4/4/2019
By Marvetta Baker

5 on Google, 4/3/2019
By Sarah Derrick

I appreciate the clinic working with me, listening to me, explaining how they can help me and then relieving my pain. I hate being in pain all the time. Thank y'all so much for helping me!

5 on Google, 4/3/2019
By BILLY Parker

5 on Google, 4/2/2019
By Tyra DM

I saw Mitch for physical therapy and be was fantastic. Very down to earth but also very professional.

5 on Google, 3/25/2019
By Billy Maples

Dr Allen Murphy is awesome! He is very caring and shows great concern for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone!

5 on Google, 3/22/2019
By Vernessa Romero

I get the best care I have ever in my life even when I go to Dr I go to big city Chicago l love y'all they don't just treat it gets fixed love

5 on Google, 3/21/2019
By Daina M.

5 on Google, 3/21/2019
By Party At The Moontower

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Allen Murphey is very professional, and spends whatever time is needed listening to his patients’ needs/concerns.

5 on Google, 3/14/2019
By Maria Sanchez

5 on Google, 2/12/2019
By Tracey Hardy

5 on Google, 1/31/2019
By Steven Hazelbaker

Great people, work hard to help you!

5 on Google, 1/26/2019
By shawn sessums

I drive 4.5 hours one way to be seen by my doctor and will continue to do so. I've never been to a doctor that cared so much for me that they pray with me before a procedure. Truly warms my heart! I recommend all those in pain to them. He doesn't of only use mess, he tries to fix the problem. With his main tool as God. True blessing!

5 on Google, 1/25/2019
By Robin McFarland

5 on Google, 1/25/2019
By Jen Moore

Alan Murphy PA has ALWAYS listened attentively and cared for me on more than just a “client/patient” relationship. He understands my pain and how it affects my profession as a registered nurse. Edie has never been anything but the most helpful, friendly person I see the minute I walk in. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Love this team!!!

5 on Google, 1/19/2019
By Mary Ortiz


5 on Facebook, 1/17/2019
By Roby Mitchell

Dr BJ Daneshfar doesn’t just treat pain as a symptom. Chronic pain must be addressed comprehensively with hormonal balancing,thyroid replacement,nutritional optimization and incorporating exercise. He also offers M. O. A. B. + class IV laser treatments.

5 on Google, 12/23/2018
By Elizabeth Berry

Wonderful place. Staff extra friendly. It's that I need a procedure I cant afford and my insurance deductable is too high. Anyway if I dont have it they will drop me as a patient. The procedure is just a test to see if the real injection will work. Its 2000 dollars. I dont want to be dropped. It's the first place that really took time with me. Dr Andrew is great. I'm at a loss been on pain meds to long would love to have the procedure but wont beable to afford it until my children are all grown. Therefore in 4 months I wont have any control of this pain. What scares me the most is I will be completely useless to my family. It's all ready robbed me of going to church because it takes a while for meds to work and then when they do I'm sleepy and cant drive. As I said wonderful office best I've been to and hate that I cant stay as a patient.

5 on Google, 12/21/2018
By Vicky Tunnell

I got nothing but the runaround from this clinic.

5 on Facebook, 12/16/2018
By Craig Massey

I was a patient for years and all they forced on me where expensive procedures forced me to find another doctor when I wouldn't...the worse place but thanks to them I now have a great doctor only thing I have to drive to Albuquerque

5 on Google, 12/15/2018
By Brenda Lattig

5 on Google, 12/13/2018
By Elizabeth Etheridge

I have had nothing but great results with Dr. Murphy managing my pain.

5 on Facebook, 12/12/2018
By Jerrod Hawbaker

Was great finding someone that wants to help me get better again

5 on Google, 12/11/2018
By Kevin Henkelman

Dr. Daneshfar and his staff are the best. They have brought me back my mobility and changed my outlook on life. They treat you as if you're family and don't bully you into expensive drugs or treatments you don't need or can't afford.

5 on Google, 12/11/2018
By Vicki Durso

Everyone at Pain and Spine Center greet you like family. From the multi tasking wiz, Edie, keeping you on schedule, to bright, intellectual, on spot diagnosos and humorous Alan Murphy, to the expertise and gentle hands of Dr. Danisfar with the best in state of the art surgical procedures and equipment and all the upbeat, well informed staff in between, Pain and Spine Center is a well orchestrated sympany of professionals who perform their tasks daily with a heart the size of Texas. I would never consider going anywhere else. Thank you everyone for your care, concern and cure.

5 on Google, 12/10/2018
By Dale Garrett

5 on Facebook, 11/26/2018
By David Albin

Opened our eyes to a whole another way of treating this pain. Highly recommend them !

5 on Google, 11/20/2018
By Howard Palechek

Always treated like they care!

5 on Google, 11/20/2018
By Pama Nobile

I am a hairstylist! They keep me working with out surgery, The best!!Have used them for several years

5 on Facebook, 11/18/2018
By Valerie Moore

Very good people. My only issue is I don’t have health insurance and can’t do the recommend treatment yet. They are very compassionate

5 on Facebook, 11/15/2018
By Hellen Gray Robbins

I found that going to the Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine Center & Texas Pain & Spine Institute was a very good decision that I made. I found them extremely efficient in determining the cause of my problem . Allan Murphy was very efficient , thorough and caring . Dr. Danesfar and his team decided the procedure that would be best for my problem, they performed the procedure with excellent results for me. I would highly recommend their services. Helen Robbins

5 on Google, 11/15/2018
By Andrew Akavan

Excellent service, friendly staff, Thank you

5 on Facebook, 11/15/2018
By Donna Noland

Friendly and helpful. Love going there.

5 on Google, 11/13/2018
By Vicki Durso

A clinic with a heart the size of Texas! Caring staff, little to no waiting for appointments, excellent follow up, Outstanding evaluations and planned future pain relief solutions. Surgical procedures performed by the expert, gentle hands of Dr. Danesfar. Your comfort and Pain Relief is always at the core of the entire professionl staff's heart. I have found the Best Pain Management. Thank you Everyone at Pain and Spine Center!

5 on Google, 11/8/2018
By Penny Elmore

5 on Google, 11/7/2018
By Bud weeks

Allen has been seeing me for a long time now, he is professional curtious,and caring snd a wonderful person. He did my BioTE pellets this week and did an awesome job. If you have pain you need to go and see dr Danishfar and Allen and let them help you feel better!!!!!!

5 on Google, 11/7/2018
By Rachael Bush

5 on Google, 11/6/2018
By Coy Maddox

5 on Google, 11/3/2018
By Terry Farmer

Everyone at this establishment makes me feel like I'm with family. They listen tentatively to all my comments and concerns. My husband and I will not go anywhere else. God bless them all.

5 on Facebook, 10/31/2018
By Christine Castañeda

Everyone that works at this establishment has been so helpful and understanding with my problems. I would recommend this center for all you pain and spine troubles!!!

5 on Facebook, 10/30/2018
By Petra Cantu Pena

Went in with severe pain,was seen and evaluated by Allen ,he was extremely nice and very informative,then was treated by Dr.Danesefar,left the clinic with awesome results,no pain,going into three weeks pain free,thanks to all very nice and caring professional staff 🙏

5 on Facebook, 10/30/2018
By Lynn Jones

Very nice place and everyone that works there is very friendly. I go to Allan Murphy and Dr. Daneshfar. They have help me with pain from Crohns and back problems. They have given me lots of relief to where I only need a small amount of pain medication. Allan is so caring and takes as much time as needed with u and he listens to what u have to say.

5 on Google, 10/30/2018
By Robin Jones

5 on Google, 10/30/2018
By Tony M

5 on Google, 10/25/2018
By Kimberlin Shipman

5 on Google, 10/24/2018
By Fabiana Saldana

5 on Google, 10/22/2018
By Joaquin Gallegos

The only glitch was that I didn't get to see Dr Daneshfar. He was running behind schedule and I hafta rely on SpecTran so I too was limited on time. I did get to see Andrew and he was most helpful, he made sure I was taken care of and provided what I needed...

5 on Facebook, 10/22/2018
By Eddie Hughes

With one procedure to go, I’m looking forward to getting back to work. The work they do here is amazing. I feel almost human again, and I’ve had four procedures, that have me almost standing straight up. I haven’t had this view since about 1990.

5 on Facebook, 10/22/2018
By Christina Jones

I have been dealing with back pain for 5 years since my daughter was born and today is the first day I’ve had hope of recovery. Dr. Allen was so kind and thorough. He made sure we located all the painful areas to the exact spot and came up with a few different treatment plans for me to choose from. He was courteous and listened (which is so refreshing after years of “it’s all in your head, lose weight and it will go away”). I can not recommend this place highly enough. They were amazing.

5 on Facebook, 10/18/2018
By Tino Alvarado

Very thorough! Very knowledgeable!

5 on Google, 10/18/2018
By Alice Richmond

Andrew listened to me and came up with a safe and pain relieving plan for me.

5 on Facebook, 10/12/2018
By Kris Shields

Nicest people I’ve ever had to deal with...always on time and Allen is the best dr ever!!! Spent lots of time there, and they continue to amaze me with their professional approach....

5 on Google, 10/12/2018
By Tara Gonzales

5 on Facebook, 10/11/2018
By Christa Garrett

I love everyone at acpsc. They take all care seriously. I went in for a pump refill , and had great success. My only complaint is when new nurses attenpt the refills they apparently need more or improved training on the technique for refilling the pump. This was the 2nd time a "new" RN has had difficulty inserting the neddle into the port. My belly is very sore and bruised. I think a little more instruction might be indicated. Overall I would never want my care given by any other physician!!! Keep up the great work!!

5 on Facebook, 10/11/2018
By Christa Garrett

I love everyone at acpsc. They take all care seriously. I went in for a pump refill , and had great success. My only complaint is when new nurses attenpt the refills they apparently need more or improved training on the technique for refilling the pump. This was the 2nd time a "new" RN has had difficulty inserting the neddle into the port. My belly is very sore and bruised. I think a little more instruction might be indicated. Overall I would never want my care given by any other physician!!! Keep up the great work!!

5 on Google, 10/10/2018
By john riccio

5 on Google, 10/3/2018
By Hanna Zagal

Everytime I go to the Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine Center I leave satisfied. I always feel it's a place that I can refer my family and friends to.

5 on Google, 10/3/2018
By Vicky Cothren

5 on Facebook, 10/2/2018
By Mark Anthony Flores

It a great place very Friendly iv been going there for my neck it’s made a huge difference

5 on Google, 10/1/2018
By starla clark

Dr. D is compassionate and willing to try everything to help you. The nurses are right there beside him. The staff are kind and helpful.

5 on Google, 9/30/2018
By Jack Reed

If you are interested in being addicted to opioids this is the place for you.

5 on Facebook, 9/24/2018
By Tammy Harp Bracken

Dr. D and his staff are the BEST! He has helped me with my back and neck pain, and always has time to listen and also takes the time to explain everything that is going on as well as what his treatment plan is. He also takes the time to pray before doing whatever procedure he does! So thankful for Dr.D and his friendly staff.

5 on Google, 9/24/2018
By Carlos Zavala

I had hurt my back and went 4 years with pain 24/7 until my primary dr referred me to Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine. Here they treat me like family. I got a procedure done that took some my pain away. It was one of the best decision I made. It will change your life.

5 on Google, 9/20/2018
By Shelia Smith

I love this place! They helped me through the hardest time in my life. I was in severe, constant pain. I truly got my life back with their help. I was shown compassion and grace. Dr. D is an amazing Dr. on so many levels. Leslie Hayes is absolutely wonderful. They are all very well educated and kind. I cant say enough good things about Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine Center. I have referred many people and I share my experiences there often. I hope others who are suffering will find their way here and receive the help they deserve.

5 on Google, 9/20/2018
By Misty Noel McLemore Siniard

5 on Facebook, 9/20/2018
By Debbie Dallan Settlemyer

I just seen Andrew and feel very hopeful that they can get me back to normal soon. The staff was great and very kind.

5 on Google, 9/18/2018
By Steve Koskei

Great doctor..very thorough and one of the best personalities in town..just a bit of a long wait..but it's worth it.

5 on Google, 9/13/2018
By Garlan Flanagan

Pleasant experience from the beginning. Folks that listen to your concerns and do everything they can to help. From the receptionists to Dr D, every encounter has been positive and helpful. Very greatful to the whole team for a positive medical experience.

5 on Google, 9/12/2018
By trater2

5 on Facebook, 9/11/2018
By Rena' Warren

Chronic Pain had made life miserable. Dr. D, Alan and the staff have given me great hope and changed and given me a new life. I would recommend them to everyone.

5 on Facebook, 9/11/2018
By Terry Fulton

Dr. D Is a Caring Dr. and listens to you. If you're in pain he can help!

5 on Facebook, 9/11/2018
By Terry Fulton

Dr. D Is a Caring Dr. and listens to you. If you're in pain he can help!

5 on Facebook, 9/5/2018
By Jami Slatten Snell

Great staff! They are so kind and so is the Dr!

5 on Facebook, 8/31/2018
By Kali O'Neal

This doctors office and all of the staff are truly amazing!

5 on Facebook, 8/31/2018
By Kali O'Neal

This doctors office and all of the staff are truly amazing!

5 on Google, 8/30/2018
By David Null

Great people and service!

5 on Google, 8/28/2018
By Doug Anderson

5 on Facebook, 8/27/2018
By Melody Rinehart Hofferber

I have been going to ACPS for years. Dr. Daneshfar is amazing. He has helped me so much after 2 failed back surgeries. I’m not sure I would have been able to work all these years as a court reporter if not for Dr. D, Alan, and their staff. Also, Michael, the office manager, is a huge help in dealing with billing issues.

5 on Facebook, 8/27/2018
By Allen Stegall

You guys have done an amazing job over the years and as for a recommendation my spouse is now coming there for there neck! 10* as far as I go!!!!

5 on Google, 8/22/2018
By Charlie Carter

5 on Facebook, 8/21/2018
By Joaquin Gallegos

I started seeing Dr Daneshfar in 2006 he and his staff have always gone beyond their duties to make sure I'm taken care of. Today's visit not any different Dr Daneshfar takes the time to listen to your complaints and he takes steps to insure you get the best treatment he can provide for your comfort. I would and have recommended ACPSC to friends and others who ask who treats my back pain...

5 on Facebook, 8/21/2018
By Nicole Guidry

Alan is absolutely amazing he cares so mch about his patient's I could not make it without my injections everyone there has been so caring they treat you like family.

5 on Facebook, 8/21/2018
By Norma Smallwood

They have tried really hard to stop my back pain. We are still in the process but we have a good plan

5 on Google, 8/17/2018
By Elizabeth Etheridge

Dr Murphy has helped me immensely with my migraines and back pain. The staff is amazing and tremendously helpful getting you set up as a patient and getting appointments scheduled for when you need them. A very pleasant place and wonderful people!

5 on Facebook, 8/16/2018
By Emilio Barrera

I think that Dr. Danesfar has done a great job for me and my wife for over 20 years. Our health is good because of the treatments that he performs. Others with back problems should visit the Acute & Chronic Pain and Spine Center for great results. He also has a great professional staff that are ready to assist and great service. Thank you and God bless.

5 on Google, 8/15/2018
By D P3

This is a great practice with friendly staff who always make me feel like family during my appointments.

5 on Google, 8/15/2018
By Loraine Pearson

Everyone there is very supportive and understanding. I'm so glad I was able to be seen by Robert Murphey. He is witty, knowledgeable, thorough, and explained everything so I could understand what my options are. Thank you all, see you soon.

5 on Google, 8/14/2018
By Melchor Hernandez

Dr. D and Leslie and their staff are amazing. They know pain is very real and they attack it at its source so you can enjoy life again. They do everything possible to alleviate your pain. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone experiencing pain. You will be glad you gave Dr. D and Leslie and their colleagues a chance to help you. The entire staff treat you like family. Thank you all for everything you have done for me and my family. God bless you all.

5 on Facebook, 8/14/2018
By Randy Sims

I am going through the injection of the testosterone pellets. In three months I have felt stronger, healthier, and feel great. More importantly, I have received injections into my neck, which has allowed me to be pain free for the first time in two years! In the next few weeks I will do an experimental stem cell injection into my neck that will allow me years of a good quality of life. I was looking at surgery that was going to cause paralysis, with a probable life confined in a wheelchair! Dr. Danishfar is a cell biologist that understands the human body. He gets to know each patient and understands what he is doing!!

5 on Facebook, 8/14/2018
By Tonya Krotz

Such an amazing group of people. They are amazing with my mother n law who has Alzheimer's. They respond to emergencs very well and still super sweet and caring. I highly recommend them.

5 on Google, 8/14/2018
By tonya krotz

They are amazing!! Everyone is super friendly, they do such a great job with my mother n law! She has Alzheimer's they are very understanding and communicate will with each other and us.

5 on Google, 8/12/2018
By Marian Kay

I am so thankful for all Alan has done for me. He has assisted me in reducing my pain level and I am stronger now, than I have been in years. He keeps me going!!! I have degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia.

5 on Facebook, 8/10/2018
By Dan Hembree

After many attempts at back pain relief and a failed fission , I had the good fortune to come to Acute pain and spine. The stimulator and rhizotomy have given super results and relief. Thanks Dr. D and Leslie Hayes. Dan Hembree

5 on Facebook, 8/10/2018
By Penny Elmore

My experience at this clinic is over 20 years. I’ve seen many changes. That alone should be a great recommendation. I have a long history with Dr. D. and he’s gone beyond what I expected to help me many times. I have tremendous respect for him as well as Alan not only as a patient, but as a nurse practitioner myself.

5 on Google, 8/9/2018
By koleen hensley

I have been going here for several years now. I’m very pleased with the care and attention that I receive from the whole staff. They make you feel welcomed. And treat you like family.

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Joni Garrison Mickna

Greatest doctors!! No more pain!!! Dr Danishfar is Best! Dr. Leslie Hayes listens to every need! I will miss them terribly!!

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Terri Ledford

I am so greatful for Allen and his team of caring people,i have significantly less pain,what a blessing!! Thanks to you all!

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Billy Paul Vinson

Great staff. Enjoyed my experience with Dr. D. Will be going back in the future.

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Casey Karen

Very pleased with the care we have recieved. Dr. D, Alan and Leslie are wonderful and the nurses and staff are always compassionate and helpful.

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Gail Horton

I came to Acute &Chronic pain and spine crippled up and they. Treated my spine and today I walk upright. I came in looking like a candy cane. I love the Drs. There they listen to you. And because of that they knew just what to do to ease my pain. I welcome future treatments to get my body strong and pain free as best they can

5 on Google, 8/8/2018
By Linda Hales

Great staff and Doctors.

5 on Facebook, 8/8/2018
By Ronnie Perry

They do a very good job helping you . The staff are real friendly and will answer any questions you have

5 on Google, 8/7/2018
By Roxann Hernandez

Dr. Daneshfar and his colleagues are absolutely amazing. They show empathy when dealing with patients. They don't judge nor dismiss you or your pain. They do everything possible to figure out the source of your pain. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone in pain. You will not regret coming to this clinic, the only thing you will regret is not making an appointment to get the help you need. Thank you for all you do Leslie and Dr. Daneshfar!

5 on Google, 8/3/2018
By Trisha McDonald

Great place great doctors really listen to ypur concerns with your health and well being helped my pain and my mind be at ease and that means alot to someone with chronic pain

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By juana aguero

I don't know how thank you for helping me out with the pain in my back so thank you and may God bless you both . And yes I will recommend your service to my friends and family.

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By Jim Stegall

Had an in office with lesly Hays. She took her time and listened to everything I had to say. She did an assessment on my neck and was very thorough. Highly impressed with the care I received!!

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By Cathy Fuller

They are so kind and understanding. The pain and spine Dr.s are all of the same attitude that each of their patients are different and our pain is real. They do careful and thorough examinations and offer a multitude of suggestions.For me its the only place to go for help.

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By Diana Barker

I have been treated for many issues and i got to say how great Dr.Dan will listen to your problems not to say all the other Doctors do an awesome job the staff is great I personally fell like family and you are recognized by name.

5 on Google, 8/2/2018
By Jeremy Ruiz

I had a 4 wheeler wreck years back. I had to be fused as a result with permanent nerve damage now. I came in using a cane and was certain that I could not work and support my family like they were used to. Thank you Doctor D and Allen. Y’all are truly a blessing in my life. I am working full time and enjoying life again “ with out a cane” the staff are awesome and very professional. There’s only one place if your serious about handling chronic pain. I can’t say enough. Thanks again !

5 on Google, 7/30/2018
By Cynthia Porras

5 on Google, 7/30/2018
By Hanna Zagal

Dr. Daneshfar has been my doctor since May of 2015. I was referred to Dr. Daneshfar by the compensation doctor I was instructed to see after my accident. When I first met Dr. Daneshfar I was unable to stand up straight. My pain on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my level of pain was a 10. Once Dr. Daneshfar examined me and after looking at the MRI that was ordered by the compensation doctor he went to work to help me. After a series of injections and having to have a Rhizotomy my pain diminished quite a bit even though certain movements caused me pain. Dr. Daneshfar ordered another MRI and the results showed 4 compressed vertebrae. The procedure to help was performed by Dr. Daneshfar and that is called a Kyphotoplasty. This procedure was amazing and helped a lot to fix my vertebrae. The thing that stood out to me was the high level of compassion shown to me by Dr. Daneshfar and his staff. I will have to come back every so often but I look forward to it because I know they will take care of me. I would highly recommend Acute and Chronic pain Center and Dr. Daneshfar and his staff. Hanna Zagal

5 on Facebook, 7/24/2018
By Rebecca Hodge

They treat you like family and truly care about the smallest need or concern you may have. Nothing is ignored!

5 on Google, 7/19/2018
By Daniel Gittelson

Dr.Daneshfar is fantastic, compassionate man. However, after being a patient for over five years, there was this God awful woman from Hell that lied to my face and then did everything in her power to have Alan dismiss me as a patient. I never thought that he could be taken in by her lies nut instead of listen to what I was saying, after five years of relationship, this idiot believed her!. He also said that he could see me the next thirty days but when I need to see him the staff said, he doesn't want to see you. Somehow I think that it had something to do with my balance. What a terrible bunch of people. Dr Danish far was great though. The nurses name was Pollyanna, what a lying creature!

5 on Facebook, 7/18/2018
By Mary Lou Lulu Quinones

This place is amazing. Starting every procedure with prayer is appreciated

5 on Google, 7/17/2018
By Karen Berg

5 on Google, 7/17/2018
By Aaron Williamson

I had my blood taken for testing for BioTe. I think the staff are all kind people who have my best interests at heart. Alayne's Zamora Drew my blood in the lab and I've always had a bad habit of fainting at needles (I know, I know). She did an excellent job, and even though I was nervous, made it quick and painless.

5 on Facebook, 7/16/2018
By Lorena Hutson

Dr "D" as most patients call him is THE VERY BEST. Before laying a finger on you for any procedure he prays over you, he's caring , and places his patients first, even over his employees; if they are in the wrong.. He definately stands by his patients, I'm certainly a witness to that. Dr. D doesn't play and does an excellent job for his patients. I've been with him since approximately 1994 that's well over 20 years. He's not God and doesn't pretend to be, but he is a God fearing man who really cares for his patients. If you're looking for a Doctor who will tell you the truth and do everything in his power to heal you, then Dr. D is the doctor for you. Thank you Dr D for all you've done for me. I truly appreciate the care you've given me.. May the lord continue to bless you and bless you more abundantly.

5 on Google, 7/11/2018
By Sherry Hestand

5 on Facebook, 7/2/2018
By Ray E. Keller

My wife Tina Keller has been seeing Dr. Daneshfar for approximately 5 years. When we first started coming here Tina was in a wheelchair unable to walk due to pain in her feet, back, and hips. She was pretty much home bound and never wanted to leave the house. Now after receiving two spinal cord stimulators and getting the BioTe treatment she now feels like getting out, and meeting with friends and family. Because of Dr. Daneshfar and Leslie Hayes I have my wife back, she is energetic and fun loving again. Thank you Amarillo Acute Pain and Spine Clinic for everything you are the best. Ray and Tina Keller

5 on Google, 4/18/2018
By Trisha McDonald

5 on Google, 2/20/2018
By alton caudell

b.j. and allen and diane are all fine people.i have had a good expierance every time i go for the last 2 plus yrs,DOING THEIR BEST TO HELP A MAN IN PAIN,with the government breathing down their necks all the time,i would say they do a fine job

5 on Facebook, 2/16/2018
By Pete Dillard


5 on Facebook, 2/12/2018
By Ted Lawler

The care and the relaxed atmosphere are appropriated. Thank you.

5 on Facebook, 12/28/2017
By Steve Hazelbaker

The level of excellence in regards to my implant procedure is top notch! I am so pleased with my Nevro device, I can hardly begin to describe it. After almost 8 years of constant pain, it is almost completely gone! Minimal discomfort and maximum performance! Go see them now!

5 on Facebook, 12/19/2017
By Jenny Moore

5 on Facebook, 11/29/2017
By David Maldonado

5 on Google, 11/20/2017
By Terry Fulton

The best Dr I have been to .very thorough and understanding

5 on Facebook, 9/17/2017
By Jason Clifton

5 on Google, 9/11/2017
By Terry Fulton

Good Dr

5 on Facebook, 9/7/2017
By Rebecca Fleming

5 on Facebook, 8/11/2017
By Stephanie Leet-Hall

5 on Facebook, 8/7/2017
By Christina Turco Franklin

As someone who has dealt with pain non-stop for 16 years, I know I've never had better care than I do at this clinic. RA and Fibro are very real and extremely painful. Firstly, the staff is very polite and happy to assist me. Secondly, what can I possibly say about Leslie except she is the best. Leslie listens to me and she is so compassionate. I'm grateful to be her patient and that she continues to care for me all around. Thank you, Leslie!

5 on Facebook, 5/8/2017
By Hal Don House

I have been going here for 16 years. They haven't cured me but they help me to make my pain manageable. Chronic pain is not funny and you probably have it or you wouldn't be here. I've tried many other options over the years and I'm settled in with Dr. D. He and his staff are all great and go to great lengths to try and help. I can imagine how frustrating it is to deal with people all day in pain and they want you to fix them. I get along pretty good most of the time but I have some bad days. When I do they are available to try and help.

5 on Facebook, 5/4/2017
By James Ormon

5 on Google, 4/28/2017
By David Maldonado

5 on Google, 4/20/2017
By Trevor

5 on Facebook, 4/3/2017
By Danielle Wood Wheeler

5 on Facebook, 4/2/2017
By Darius Livesay

Dr. Daneshfar and Dr. Leslie Hayes have been the greatest Doctors to me. They listen to everything I have to say and are very nice people. I was losing hope with all this pain in my back but they have helped me get that hope back. I wish there were words to explain how they treat me as a patient. They are both just wonderful people and I'm thankful for everything they have and are doing for me!

5 on Facebook, 3/16/2017
By Alice Mills

I had extreme back pain for 5 years, I went there after moving to Amarillo, they allotted ample time to hear what has been done, I had done so much research I asked about a procedure, they listened well, had my procedure done in December and I went from a 7/8 pain level to 0/2 pain level! I'm​ so grateful to this staff!���

5 on Google, 2/16/2017
By Nick R

I would say "3+" as a rating. I haven't seen him in years, but I can say he is extremely skilled. He was ahead of his time in doing spinal endoscopy and laser treatments, etc. VERY skilled at spinal shots... amazing. Definitely helped me. However, waits at his office got rather long as he got more popular, and based on other reviews, they have not improved that aspect. Also, in my case he did try to get me to do procedures that may not be have been too effective at that time (they are more advanced now), which I did not do after doing my homework. Nice guy, but a bit opinionated... don't talk politics with him...lol.

5 on Facebook, 12/2/2016
By Jeff Hart

Mellisa Cox is a God! After 20 years in complete pain I have had four days of being normal with no pain-I have complicated sucicide many times because the pain never goes away-we worked on the meds and finally after a year I had four days with out pain-I never thought it could happen, to be pain free, I think that it is the belbuca but it could be the right combination of drugs/thank you so much/I don't know how long it will last but mellisa gave me 4 normal days/it is amazing-I love her and thank her so much for the wisdom that she has/thank you, even if it ends tomorrow I never thought that I could feel life again

5 on Facebook, 3/15/2016
By Toby Yazbak

I've been to several Docters over the years and this office is the standard for how humans should be treated. I was always treated like a number and insurance cow everywhere else. I cannot thank you folks enough for improving my quality of life and treating me with respect each and every time I come in. I was referred to Acute Chronic Pain and Spine by a current patient and friend after a conversation regarding my frustration with my now former Docter. After my first visit I figured out that I was misdiagnosed and was receiving the wrong treatment. Dr. Murrell was able to recognize what was best for me and after the treatment he recommended I was able to be more active and reduce my pain. Therefore I lost 30 pounds and dropped my medication dosage down a significant amount. He recently left to pursue work with another practice and I switched to Melissa Cox. She is an amazing doctor and an even better person. I would recommend that if you want to improve your quality of life and be around others who really want the same to come here for treatment and see Melissa Cox. I drive 4 hours round trip to get there and for me it's 100% worth it!!! I'm about to move to Midland and I will gladly make the drive to stay with this practice.

5 on Google, 2/8/2016
By Roger Howes

5 on Facebook, 1/13/2016
By Camille Yarbrough Tigart

In 2008 my Mom suffered compression fractures in her spine due to severe osteoporosis. She was in excruciating pain. Along with this she had breast cancer. Dr. Daneshfar was able to repair her discs and although she was afraid to have the procedure, with prayer from the staff and Dr Daneshfar's skill, she experienced almost immediate relief from the back pain. It made her final months bearable for her and her family. Thank you for helping us get through a very difficult time.

5 on Google, 12/30/2015
By Rose Pace

5 on Facebook, 12/28/2015
By Selvi Austin

5 on Facebook, 12/28/2015
By Hanna Zagal

Dr. Daneshfar and his staff really care about the patients.

5 on Facebook, 12/27/2015
By Ellie Daneshfar