5 on Google, 12/27/2018
By Frank Rochon

Went in for a safety check, I was in and out in 10minutes , Bill over there is GREAT.

5 on Google, 12/11/2018
By Ernest Baji

5 on Google, 9/12/2018
By Jordan Turner

5 on Google, 8/15/2018
By Brenda G

Great place, not pushy !!!! Got a great deal on a car, fair prices !!!

5 on CarGurus.com, 8/12/2018
By Lin

Very responsive and accommodating

5 on Google, 8/9/2018
By John Tryde

Great experience working with Jake. The whole process of purchase was quick and simple.

5 on Google, 8/9/2018
By John Tryde

5 on Google, 6/21/2018
By Faith Pottenger

Friendly, attentive service. Fair prices.Willing to work with you.

5 on Google, 5/3/2018
By Keith & Candace Kwan

Just had the best car buying experience at The Car Shop in Kaneohe. My son was looking to purchase his first car and Jake, the owner, was very personable in helping to select the best car for him. Jake even offered to replace the old car battery and a bad lightbulb with help from my son. Jake is a UH alumni and gave a really good deal to my son who’s attending UH. I would definitely buy another car from Jake and would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family, thanks again Jake!

5 on Google, 4/23/2018
By Daniel Moss

The Car Shop is a great and honest car dealer.

5 on Google, 4/20/2018
By Marty Orgeron

Awesome experience and easy to work with. I set up an appointment to view a vehicle and Jake had the vehicle out front and ready. It was as advertised and priced right! Very honest and fair. Highly recommend you check them out. Pleasure doing business with you!

5 on Google, 4/20/2018
By Joshua Lokan

I just brought my 2010 Colorado Chevy truck from here. I had an awesome experience! It was a smooth process and they will definitely work with you. Ask for Bill or Jake, they will take care you! ?

5 on Google, 4/19/2018
By Debra Needham

Bill is awesome, friendly, polite and most importantly HONEST. It's always a pleasure doing business with Bill. I recommend seeing him for all your automobile issues.

5 on Google, 4/17/2018
By Matt Wurthner

5 on Google, 4/14/2018
By John Caudell

I've known Jake for over 20 years. He is a professional, honest dealer and a great person. If you live on Oahu, I can't think of a better person to deal with to purchase a car, truck, van or business vehicle. Jake really knows the business and is one of the best car location specialists I've met. He was basically born into the business and has experience and knowledge well beyond his years.

5 on CarGurus.com, 3/8/2018
By Mary

Very attentive!

5 on Google, 12/22/2017
By Paul K.

5 on Google, 10/9/2017
By Bill Wiltshire

5 on Google, 8/8/2017
By Cliff Savage

Bought a 2010 Kia Optima from them back in December of 2016 for $5600. When I left the island I had it shipped to San Diego and then drove it all the way home to Ohio, with no problems. When I was checking out the car, I noticed one of the tires were dangerously low on tread and needed to be replaced if I was gonna buy it. They replaced that tire and paid for it themselves and didn't add that onto the price. Good people, would buy from them again.

5 on Google, 7/1/2016
By alpinestarzR1000

5 on CarGurus.com, 8/3/2013
By Joe

Bought another car instead of Toyota Echo.

5 on CarGurus.com, 1/30/2013
By Irene

Dealer emailed me very quickly, which I really like. Went to the dealer & Bill was a very nice person. I would definitely refer this to a friend.

5 on Google, 4/17/2012
By A Google User

Horrible, cold, used car dealer service - they are GREEDY and don't give a you-know-what about your satisfaction - for them, it's all about buying as many cars at auction, sprucing them up a tad, and selling them as fast as possible, with a healthy price mark-up, with no guarantee, as is. I bought 3 cars there, and they still didn't treat me with any respect even though I was a repeat customer! My last car, a jeep, had transmission problems and Bil refused to take me in, and every time I have an issue with any car, it was a tug0of-war to get them to look at them. I called a month aog and wanted to upgrade to a lower mileage, less gas-guzzling car, and the owner, Jake, said he was personally using the vehicle I was interested in, so I asked him why it was even advertised on his website, and he didn't have an answer to that question. I called three weeks later and he had sold it without even calling me, knowing very well that I wanted that particular car. Both Bill and Jake are RUDE, have very little humanity and bad manners, and are the worst car salesmen I have ever had to deal with - PERIOD. I strongly urge people who want good value and service to stay CLEAR of this used car dealership. Their prices have also gone way up in the last couple of years - at least double what they used to be, as all they care about is profit, and NO, the customer is not always right here - THEY always are! You have been warned - stay clear of this place.