5 on CarGurus.com, 12/9/2018
By Pastor Deborah

They were attentive and communicated with me regularly. If we can come to terms on financing, we may be able to do business.

5 on CarGurus.com, 11/24/2018
By eva

will reach out when/if ready. Great response time. Good communications. Just not ready to make a decision yet

5 on CarGurus.com, 11/15/2018

Dealer was quick to reply to text but when I got to their lot it was so busy I couldn't get anyone to help me test drive the car I was looking at.

5 on Google, 11/9/2018
By 1fullyautomatic Lady

Ali was wonderful. Made buying a car an easy stress free experience, when everywhere else seemed impossible.

5 on Google, 11/8/2018
By Sarah Ferrulli

I bought a used van 2yrs ago here and the registration tags were expired, they said they would pay it and send them to me....they mailed me the paper registration but NOT the stickers and I was pulled over and ticketed for it. The car broke down within a week of the 30 day warranty and we have been battling to keep it drivable since and it is almost completely done. We now need a new car as the repairs just keep coming.

5 on CarGurus.com, 10/13/2018
By GuruYQ12V

Ali it was nice person will to help people

5 on Google, 9/8/2018
By Ali Khazaei

Polite, professional attitude with fair prices

5 on Google, 8/22/2018
By sc SC

5 on CarGurus.com, 8/20/2018
By Satish Kanchra

Everything great

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/26/2018
By Fernando Esquivel

Good service

5 on Google, 7/20/2018
By Kristen Burnham

I recently purchased a 2007 BMW 335i. I found the car on CarGurus. Was greeted at the dealership by a very friendly staff. Took a test drive and decided to buy the car. The transaction was quick and easy. Could not have had a better experience. Thanks guys.

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/19/2018
By Acemac

Great experience. Alot of vehicle at really great prices. Ali was very straightforward and help

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/18/2018
By Andy Perez Cortez

I’m very happy with my purchase at Speedline Motor. My son loves hisToyota RAV4 An Amazing experience, great service. Excellent price. Highly recommended. Thanks Ali.

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/16/2018
By Kathleen

They responded within 24 hours, but we were already looking elsewhere. I read some of their scathing Yelp reviews, was put off immediately and decided not to take any chances.

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/12/2018
By Mike

I met with Ali who I found to be professional and helpful in finding a car for my daughter. We found a car and Ali worked with me on a fair price. A few things needed repair and Ali quickly took care of it. I highly recommend buying a car from Ali, someone you can trust.

5 on CarGurus.com, 6/18/2018
By Jose

Ali, the owner, quickly texted me back. On-site, he was very helpful, open, answered all my questions. I bought a nice, clean car for the right price and so far no mechanical problems. Great experience.

5 on CarGurus.com, 6/4/2018

Response right on time

5 on Google, 5/29/2018
By Nick Downs

Ali and the management at Speedline were very nice and easy going. They handled all my questions through the purchase. The a/c compressor went out in the vehicle we bought couple weeks later and they were happy to fix it for me....a true blessing nowadays...Thank you Ali the Great!!!

5 on Google, 5/19/2018
By H S

5 on Google, 5/11/2018
By A-Abed Enterprise GT

I would happily recommend them to other looking to purchase a car 🚙

5 on CarGurus.com, 5/7/2018
By GuruWB1NS

Replied fast.

5 on Facebook, 4/29/2018
By Hamid Kalantari Rad

5 on CarGurus.com, 4/27/2018
By joaquin

I bought the Nissan from them, they were very helpful and friendly I've had the car for almost a week and so far couldn't be more satisfied

5 on Google, 4/26/2018
By Alex Dorani

5 on Facebook, 4/23/2018
By Karina Ber-Arr

5 on CarGurus.com, 4/22/2018
By Pablo

Excellent service

5 on Google, 4/21/2018

5 on CarGurus.com, 4/10/2018
By Claudio

very good

5 on Google, 3/31/2018
By Kristen Guaderrama

Very reasonable prices on used cars! Ali was super helpful and willing to negotiate on the price. We had settled on a price for a car that we liked and he allowed us to take the car to our mechanic to get it checked out. Our mechanic told us that the front brakes needed replacing, the car needed a new liscense plate lightbulb, and also a new tire. We came back to Ali and told him what our mechanic said and he agreed to take care of all of it! Wonderful service and one of the best experiences I’ve had at a used car dealership!

5 on Google, 1/26/2018
By Christian Stewart

I'm very pleased with my experience at Speedline Motors. My dad's car broke down unexpectedly and we needed to find him something reliable and at a good price. So we signed up for AutoTrader updates and eventually we came across a listing from Speedline that seemed to check all the boxes for us. Truth be told, I do not typically like dealing with car salesman, which is probably true for most people, but I actually found them to be very honest and more than willing to go above and beyond to make me happy and comfortable. They actually let me take the car to my mechanic for a full check up before purchasing!! Now, my mechanic was close by, so I can't say they will allow that for everyone, but for me, it made all the difference in the world. Needless to say, my mechanic thought it was a great car too and so I completed the purchase with them. Again I'm very happy and my experience was a very good one.

5 on Google, 1/20/2018
By Ed Kelemen

Came down from the S.F. Valley 50 miles 45 minute drive to be greeted with a smile. Ali showed me the car I was interested in, looks clean, engine looked too Clean LOL. We talked a bit about the car while I checked it out and that was it! Told him I will be back with C A $ H... 😀

5 on CarGurus.com, 1/11/2018
By Terry Blake

The sales rep I talked with was knowledgeable about the vehicle for sale. I had hoped to purchase an extended warranty beyond the 30 day warranty which is what is offered with Speedline Motors on all sales on their lot. I am contemplating on buying his SUV, although a 30 warranty may not be suitable do to the year, make and model of this Ford Explorer 2 Dr Sport 4WD SUV.

5 on CarGurus.com, 1/2/2018
By Roger Hance

I did finally receive an email confirmation after three days of no response, I contacted the Dealer at that point and the sales rep was able to answer my questions. I plan on taking the vehicle out for test drive and make a decision at that point.

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/14/2017
By LaNitra

Very helpful, friendly and patient.

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/12/2017
By Rhonda

I have worked with Speedline a few times now and they are great to work with! Very responsive, straight forward and honest!

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/8/2017
By Ken

Speedway answered my question the day. I saw the car that morning and it was just what I wanted for the price.

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/8/2017
By Eulises

Yes Great Customer Service got me out the door in 20 minutes

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/2/2017

They made my car buying experience excellent! Great cars at great prices with warranty. Highly recommend this place to amyone looking for a clean used car at a great price.

5 on Google, 10/25/2017
By Ali Abedini


5 on CarGurus.com, 9/21/2017
By Guru9SGW9

They were nice, and the truck was nice too, but there was no tailgate, so that was it for them.

5 on CarGurus.com, 9/14/2017
By James

They were very polite and easy to work with.

5 on Google, 8/10/2017

My mom bought a car and it broke down.

5 on Google, 7/27/2017


5 on CarGurus.com, 7/20/2017
By Guru9PVFP


5 on CarGurus.com, 7/19/2017
By Matt and britt

Mike is awesome. Stayed late so we could look at a car! Knows his stuff! Genuinely a nice guy! I will recommend him to all my friends!! Go buy a car from Mike! Also has great prices

5 on CarGurus.com, 6/29/2017
By Guru9W15S

Contacted the following day via text, but it turned out to not be what I was looking for. Based on responsiveness, 5 stars.

5 on CarGurus.com, 6/25/2017
By Talon_2898

The dealer sent me a text as I requested and responded quickly with all the information I asked for.

5 on CarGurus.com, 6/7/2017
By Camilo

It was Great Experience. I Got My Dream car. The Manager was Very Helpful . God Bless Him. And all His Team. Take Care. And Thanks.

5 on CarGurus.com, 5/18/2017
By Jette_2

Good response.

5 on Google, 4/23/2017
By Tes Lejter

A 6pm closing in LA?? Where people work till 5p and usually drive an hour home in traffic? Closed on Sunday??? You know, the second busiest day of the week for retail. If there hours are completing off then I don't even think I want to drop by to see a car, it's just not a smart business practice - I wouldn't even be able to with those hours, sheesh.

5 on Google, 4/8/2017
By Vincent O'Campo

This is no place to buy a car. This guy won't work out a reasonable price for older cars. I would rather buy off of Craigslist.

5 on CarGurus.com, 2/9/2017
By Manuel


5 on Google, 1/24/2017
By Iron Nail

Good prices on cars. The salesmen are helpful but just like all salesmen, they will pull a fast one on you if your not paying attention. So ask a lot of questions and make sure not to give them the benefit of the doubt. They will make deals though, so I'd shop here again.

5 on Google, 1/19/2017
By Omid Hosseini

5 on Google, 11/2/2016
By Corey M

Hours are extremely inconvenient, they close at 6pm. Which car dealership closes at 6pm? People normally get off work between 5-6pm. Every time you call, a different guy with a poor accent you can barely understand answers the phone. To make it worse, they act as if they are doing you a favor and you're an inconvenience by trying to make a purchase. They make no effort to accommodate times to see the car and the guy you spoke to the previous day may not be there. Terrible, just steer clear!

5 on Google, 9/12/2016
By Misha May

I got a great deal on my used Corolla here. Some of the best prices around. I like that their inventory is online with pictures.

5 on Google, 8/22/2016
By Alec Joorabchi

The worst car dealership ever!

5 on CarGurus.com, 8/6/2016
By Yaser


5 on CarGurus.com, 4/28/2016
By Hema


5 on CarGurus.com, 3/26/2016
By Ryan

They helped me get the vehicle at the price I could afford. Very helpful!

5 on CarGurus.com, 2/13/2016
By Vanessa

They're very professional & well knowledge about the car.

5 on CarGurus.com, 12/31/2015
By Richard

Overall pleasant buying experience, no hassle pressure salesman.

5 on CarGurus.com, 10/21/2015
By Jordon

they had not only mislead me into this vehicle being save and ready to drive they over priced everything. The car on the lot had a BROKEN windshield so it was not even street legal with that they said that the back tires were new they were defiantly used and the front right was bald. The next problem that happend was there 30 day "warenty" was not a warenty at all they only covered half of any cost the car had. on the 31st day they called me and asked me to ethier bring the car to them and wait over two hours for a smog test or to get it done my self, and at this point the car can not be in my name ANOTHER 30 days so I can not get the car completely checked by my mechanic due to the fact I need the registration. I take the car to get a smog check and it cost me out of pocket $60 when i take the paper work to them so they can restart the paper work to get it in my name they only payed me $40 then and asked me to come back the next day. So I did trying to be helpful you know good faith, but they screwed me by paying the last $20 in three fives, six ones, and FOUR DOLLARS IN QUARTERS taped together. Feeling bad for that they tried to give me and apple and two suckers, along with a mix cd with a range of music from Michel Jackson to some Arabian song.

5 on CarGurus.com, 10/11/2015
By Darlene

I purchased a 2002 Lexus ES300 from Dan at Speedline Motors Garden Grove. I was impressed by the car's overall great condition. There were several things that I found not working properly, but Dan agreed to fix them and have me return the next week. I returned then and drove away happy, although discovered that several fixes were not working right. Also i was given a very damaged key that did not function as keyless entry with a click, only stem of key was useable, which Dan knew. I asked him for a new key but he didn't deliver on that for saying instead that i would have to get a new key programmed. Well, it wasn't a simple task. It required me to go to a Lexus Dealer, 30 min. From my home, and order a key that needed to be re-programmed by VIN number since damaged key had no program to go by. I had car inspected by Lexus Dealer, where it remains for 4-5 more days, who discovered things that need repair and I agreed to fix them so not to have any surprises later. I guess Dan is like any other Used Car Dealer, if they fixed these things before the sale, they wouldn't be able to sell it due to the high price tag! I wanted the car bad enough to buy it. Could Dan have done better? Yes, i think so, especially the key! At minimum, he should have handed me a working key! Nice guy though, seems very ernest and he did gain my trust. I felt under pressure to buy immediately, not by Dan, but by other people looking and wanting to buy this car too! Overall, I'm happy to have it, although I have to sink considerably more money into it. Even the Lexus Dealership was impressed by the car's appearance and condition and stated after the work is completed on it, it will rival a $25,000 Lexus.

5 on Facebook, 9/27/2015
By Ali Abedinimanesh

5 on Facebook, 6/8/2015
By Sarah Mousavi

5 on Facebook, 6/8/2015
By Payam Tavakoli Nejad

5 on Facebook, 6/7/2015
By Tanaz Khorasanian

5 on Facebook, 6/7/2015
By Ardalan Alireza