5 on CarGurus.com, 12/9/2018
By Pastor Deborah

They were attentive and communicated with me regularly. If we can come to terms on financing, we may be able to do business.

5 on CarGurus.com, 11/24/2018
By eva

will reach out when/if ready. Great response time. Good communications. Just not ready to make a decision yet

5 on CarGurus.com, 11/15/2018

Dealer was quick to reply to text but when I got to their lot it was so busy I couldn't get anyone to help me test drive the car I was looking at.

5 on Google, 11/9/2018
By 1fullyautomatic Lady

Ali was wonderful. Made buying a car an easy stress free experience, when everywhere else seemed impossible.

5 on Google, 11/8/2018
By Sarah Ferrulli

I bought a used van 2yrs ago here and the registration tags were expired, they said they would pay it and send them to me....they mailed me the paper registration but NOT the stickers and I was pulled over and ticketed for it. The car broke down within a week of the 30 day warranty and we have been battling to keep it drivable since and it is almost completely done. We now need a new car as the repairs just keep coming.

5 on CarGurus.com, 10/13/2018
By GuruYQ12V

Ali it was nice person will to help people

5 on Google, 9/8/2018
By Ali Khazaei

Polite, professional attitude with fair prices

5 on Google, 8/22/2018
By sc SC

5 on CarGurus.com, 8/20/2018
By Satish Kanchra

Everything great

5 on CarGurus.com, 7/26/2018
By Fernando Esquivel

Good service